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Hani settlement vernacular architecture of renewable road

Author QinDi
Tutor ZhuHaiKun
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Chinese Ethnic Art
Keywords "mushroom room traditional houses" Regeneration Sustainable development construction
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Hani nationality traditional residence is a typical representative of yunnan dwellings, specific time and space is the product of background and contained precious local construction technology and experience, is the study of yunnan architectural culture important clues, in recent years, due to the spread of globalization single mode, the traditional minority settlement houses facing globalization is a single mode instead of the threat. This paper topic selection hani national minority communities vernacular architecture "renewable" way research, for yunnan, traditional is settlement houses organic update and the sustainable development become urgent problems, this paper either from the cultural heritage of research and protection, or from continuity of culture and development are of critical significance.In this paper the author in yunnan yuan Yang---hani national minority village Qing mouth village to a large number of field further investigation, and on the basis of major of minorities of yunnan residential element for a more in-depth multi-angle observe and compare, reflect haney dwellings houses to build cultural characteristics from the comprehensive content, and to a certain extent theory analysis research.In most of the full text is divided into three, the first part of the first discusses the influence of the development of the residential regeneration two primary factors--natural geography and social, more in-depth analysis of the "mushroom room" "traditional residence is DuoZhong factors to regenerate into a comprehensive effect of, then briefly comb and discusses the mushroom house residence culture development context, tried to find out the" mushroom room "traditional houses in the history of the relationship and development. The article traces of discussion and analysis for below provides theory basis and background.The second part is the backbone and paper core. The author not only as the observer and the village to the whole process of the meticulous careful observation and free in-depth interviews, but also a certain degree to participate in the activities of Qing mouth village, with its mining, finishing a lot and tangible first-hand material, and the traditional settlements of the residence of the organic update the advantages and disadvantages of the existing problems, and the resistance,, possibility and specific methods for some discussion.Finally some future space of Qing mouth village of the construction of the attempt to be in total, and we advocate action, with practices to promote the sustainable development of the traditional settlements dwellings. And thinking in this paper still save some questions, points out the future related topic research Angle and direction.

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