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Shunt Active Power Filter engineering application of key technologies

Author JuJianYong
Tutor XuDeHong
School Zhejiang University
Course Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords APF Capacitor filter rectifier load Modeling Buildings load Harmonic amplification Multi-module parallel system N 1 redundancy
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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Order harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation as the main function of the basic theory of APF has matured, but no mature markets active harmonic suppression products, while the harmonic problems have become increasingly prominent, so the need for active power Filters for industrial applied research. Shunt active power filter for its installation, easy maintenance, become the mainstream of commercial products. Therefore, this paper shunt active power filter, expand industrial applied research. This research leads to engineering problems first by the following: shunt active power filter compensation office in harmonic currents generated by the electrical load occurs when the harmonic amplification phenomenon. Building electrical load mainly computers, switching power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, voltage converters, etc. These are voltage type harmonic source. In this paper, capacitor filter rectifier circuit (voltage type harmonic source) analysis as a starting point, based on the \The current and voltage waveforms, to thereby obtain the spectral characteristics. Through steady-state analysis methods described herein can be understood theoretically shunt active power filter compensation capacitor filter rectifier load the working process of the active power filter applied research has important theoretical and practical significance. This paper analyzes the building load electrical characteristics, based on the establishment of a capacitive load active power filter compensation simplified model, based on the model to analyze the load capacitance value of the capacitive element and the relationship between the harmonic current amplification; To overcome the harmonic amplification phenomenon, this paper through the load current is sampled after the installation of the filter part way, the resonant frequency components of the current values ??from the sampling filter, although they achieve the purpose of suppressing harmonic amplification, but due to the introduction of delay , so that the compensated line current distortion (THD) of a sharp increase; then this idea, based on Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) method of a selective harmonic compensation current to the resonant frequency component value from the load current sample filter , making the system at the resonant frequency becomes open-loop control, the system is stable. After building the actual load on the grid harmonic compensation proved FFT-based selective harmonic compensation method for suppressing harmonic amplification is effective. The innovation of the research work for practical engineering application with reference value. To meet the requirements of large-capacity harmonic suppression, this paper presents a modular parallel active power filter compensation program, which is characterized by a modular structure and N 1 redundant parallel control strategy, the main structure and the master generates from the bus load current detection programs and parallel current policies. Host generation and load current detection are the salient features of the parallel program, reflects the innovative work of this paper. This paper also conducted a multi-module parallel system modeling and stability studies; based modular parallel compensation scheme, in the province of science and technology project with the support of the active power filter for industrial research, from the project plan, design, device selection, prototype debugging, full power operation and performance testing, building and industrial load the actual load and network experiments, until industrial prototype stereotypes of APF industrial applied research played a larger role in promoting and supporting Project currently has finalized industrialized product launch. Text around these three aspects, chapter points ranked as follows: (a) the first chapter from the practical point of view, summed elaborated active power filter technology in the harmonic detection, current tracking control, topology three research progress; (2) The second chapter of the shunt active power filter compensation capacitor filter rectifier load a steady-state analysis; (3) The third chapter analyzes the active power filter compensation occurs when the capacitive load harmonic amplification phenomenon, and use the FFT method makes the system at the resonant frequency becomes open-loop control, to achieve the purpose of suppressing harmonic amplification; (4) Chapter IV, Chapter V modular parallel active power filter proposed program, and details of the module oriented parallel system design and experiments; (5) Chapter VI of the full text is summarized, and future work are discussed.

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