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Design, Synthesis and Photophysical Studies of Photochromic Spirooxazine-Containing Ligands and Their Zinc(Ⅱ) and Rhenium(Ⅰ) Complexes

Author BaoZhiHong
Tutor RenYongHua;WuLiXin
School Jilin University
Course Physical and chemical
Keywords Photochromic Spirooxazine ligand Rhenium Complexes Zinc complexes Heteropolyacids Complexes
CLC O641.4
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Photochromic a chemical physical phenomenon, comprising organic, inorganic, biological, and other areas of the light-induced polymer chemical and physical reactions. Photochromic organic chemistry and materials research in recent years has been continuously expanding and deepening the spirooxazine compound has high light stability and fatigue resistance, become a research hotspot. However, study of this system is limited in a pure organic systems, with little metal complexes. Part of the introduction of the photochromic metal frame structure to be able to design and synthesis of new properties with excellent photochromic material would provide a new approach. First, we designed and synthesized spirooxazine containing photochromic ligands (L1) and its zinc metal with a thiol complexes (1a-1e), studied these complex solution photophysical and photochromic nature. Second, we have synthesized with long alkyl chains spirooxazine ligand (L2) and its zinc complex thiols (2a), hoping to study in the LB film material such substances photochromic properties. Then we turn good luminescent properties of the metal rhenium L1 ligand binding, and then through a long alkyl chain with a single pyridine ligands with rhenium, resulting in a very good LB films can be formed photochromic substance (Re -1, Re-2), finally got one that has a photochromic properties and can photoluminescence film material. Polyoxometalate also known as acid is an early transition metal element, which has a rich structure and numerous components, which makes it show many interesting properties, but from the perspective of material it is a difficult to machine materials . Use with a charge instead of a cationic surfactant acid surface counter ion can form acid-containing organic / inorganic composite, it has good workability and self-assembly properties. However, commonly used cationic surfactants are generally pure organic matter is simple, and the use of organometallic complexes of a surfactant is relatively small, in this thesis, we will bipyridine with a charge of rhenium complexes as a surfactant agent, the method and embedding electrostatic charge number of different shapes and different acids static composite, obtained a series of novel complexes with a metal-acid complex, by spectra of complexes, different types of preliminary findings multi-acid rhenium metal complexes luminescence properties are significantly different.

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