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History , understanding and truth

Author SunYuLiang
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Course Foreign Philosophy
Keywords Critique of Historical Reason Spiritual Science History Understanding Truth Objective spirit The whole experience Historical Hermeneutics
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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The purpose of this paper is based on throughout the of Dilthey academic career has always been a clue - Critique of Historical Reason, from a particular perspective, that hermeneutic perspective, try to outline the overall framework of Dilthey thought, and thus Dilthey concern three important aspects: history, understanding and truth find the contact of the inner and logic, to show Dilthey \Dilthey living in Western philosophy from the traditional to the modern period of transition, the academic course of study of his life profoundly reflects the dramatic changes in his time philosophy and its various social thought process: on the one hand, due to the modern natural sciences and the attendant to positivism, the traditional role of philosophy and cognitive mode by a serious challenge; On the other hand, from the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Enlightenment secular culture and human values ??respected, the traditional The theory of the world is facing is to re-examine the fate of. Situation in stark contrast to the natural sciences strides forward about their world \In this context, Dilthey decided to take up the \By the double impact of Vico and historicism, Dilthey first began to reveal the difference between natural science and spiritual science scientific foundation for the spirit. Dilthey adhere to the natural sciences and spiritual sciences are built on the basis of experience, but experience in handling the two but fundamental difference: the purpose of the natural sciences, with a presumed but at the same time they can verify that the interpretation of The mode seeking nature \\So, to understand where to start? Understand from experience. Experience faced by the spirit of science, is neither a fragmentation of the external world feeling or perception, is not speculative rational combing the lack of dynamic concept, but \physiological and physical facts, but psycho-historical facts. Initially, this \\It is this overall experience for the spirit of science has laid a solid foundation, but also to Dilthey's \Experience faced by spiritual science, then why has the characteristics of the \The experience of the spirit of science is the presence of a person at the same time, the interaction between human activity and the environment constitute the boundary of experience, In other words, the integrity of the experience from the first human activity and formed various associated \the world have their own unique significance; However, the unique nature of the self-life is contained in the human life has commonality among, in other words, the self-life as a whole is self-present therein greater the part of the whole, and it is the \Further analysis, we found that the experience of this \Life or social history it is always in the flow of time, the exclusion of theology and speculative explanation of human nature, \However, this \Life \Life \Thus, we grasp their own lives will be three ways to achieve: memory Searching in the past, in anticipation Way back, in the experience to understand now. Human life, this \\Objective spirit in every aspect of human life at every stage can be experienced. With natural objects and natural processes, mental objective process, in the form and its consequences for our experience to identify: we listen to music, we use language, we inhabit urban and rural areas, we ...... All of this is our experience of objective spirit. Just the spirit of the objective process and natural objects are different: they are the product of our mental processes. At the same time, the \In Dilthey's view, the world is not exactly the same in the spiritual world, only when imbued by the spirit of the world, the human world is the world of the spirit. One of the differences of humans and other creatures that: He is always in you create your own \Departing from the opening of this association, the objective spirit, including human life would be a purely abstract. Therefore, only through the commonality of the human spirit of objective process, people can understand their own history. Thus, in the \Experience is the starting point of the process of this show, the expression is an intermediary, and to understand the results. The full meaning of life and open toward us. Ultimately, Dilthey through historical analysis based on the experience of human life, both spiritual science has laid a foundation for the spirit of science to establish the basic method - the history of hermeneutics; At the same time, by means of historical explanation science, Dilthey also reached for the historical truth to grasp, eliminating the difficulties faced by the historicism: the tension between the historical objectivity and subjectivity of historical understanding.

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