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Toward Syncretism: A Thematic Trajectory of Sherman Alexie’s Novels

Author LiuKeDong
Tutor QiaoGuoQiang
School Shanghai International Studies University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Alexie Indian Literature Oppression Confrontation Grow up Merge
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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Sherman Alexie is a new star on the American literary scene. He is young, bold, imaginative and a good sense of humor, won the favorite of many readers and critics. However, Alexie also criticized by some commentators, criticizing his characters prove to strengthen the whites in the eyes \Alexie positive comeback he portrayed positive Indian image of racial integration theme. Looking at the four of Alexie's novel, its themes involving race relations through cultural oppression, cultural confrontation passive integrated into the final point to racial integration, and regularity to form a complete circle. The first chapter deals with the pan-Indian Alexie, ethnic the Union and racial oppression. Alexie borrow Sioux Lakota tribe \Alexie insisted that the 1890 Caucasian army at Wounded Knee massacre of more than 200 Indians (actually all Lakota people), including an Indian tribe, the universality of individual tribal history to achieve a pan-Indian 'Union. This chapter, the analysis works \Alexie also let 1938 on the death of the famous African-blues singer Robert Johnson magically appears on the Spokane Indian Reservation on the ground, in order to achieve the union of the two ethnic minority. As for the relationship between Indians and whites, Alexie implies the principle of \However, subject to the harsh reality of this ideal challenge: whites by new ways of oppression and exploitation of the Indians. This oppression, exploitation embodied in the \. The second chapter deals with the direct conflict between Indians and whites. White media racist remarks, encroachment of whites scholar of Indian cultural heritage, distortions angered white writers of Indian culture are trying to find their own cultural roots, to form their own racial identity Indian youth, resulting in a head-on collision of these Indians and whites . In the form of \Indian youth by Indian nationalism (separatism / nativism). The two sides seem to be evenly matched, but whites mastered the spread of electronic media, print media and classroom information, influence public media, the efforts of the Indian youth and no significant effect. Alexie then tried to drive away the Caucasian rulers through the \This paper argues that the confrontation Even though I did eventually solve the race problem, but they reflect the sound and power of the disadvantaged groups. The third chapter of the Indian youth into mainstream society passive mode. The research results show that the violence, war, hatred, anger can not solve the race problem, people need to forget hatred, forgiveness and caring. Thus, between the Indians and the whites will stop hostilities, mutual integration. The author analyzes the architecture of a Bildungsroman the growth mode of the \The author found that this article the Bildungsroman plot patterns previously concluded the law is not the same. Previously, scholars have summarized Bildungsroman development model in Europe and the United States, that the the European Bildungsroman linear development, the final hero successfully integrate into society, the U.S. growth fictional mostly round, the hero often can not successfully integrate into society. Alexie described this growth fictional rounded structure, and finally to the hero successful integration into mainstream society outcome. See that this paradigm with previous summary of the law of some deviation. I believe that the growth mode of the novel's plot of attitudes. Ethnic youth successfully into mainstream society must have two conditions: friendly mainstream society and the growth of the main sound national identity formation. Experience concluded in the fourth chapter the author by analysis \mainstream society to gain a foothold. They should be familiar with their own national traditions the tradition should advance with the times, is not static (and should know), you should have the ability to survive in mainstream society. Aspirations, ideals and spirit of adventure and perseverance, coupled with Indian family tradition of mutual help create a new era of Indians, he broke the stereotype whites thinking of Indians across political boundaries, free shuttle in two between ethnic groups. Alexie in the headquarters works deconstruction Indian stereotypes, white simulated remodeling a positive, optimistic, successful new Indian image. Alexie shaping the image of intelligence, hard work, endurance, and sports, including basketball given a hero strength to help him win the recognition of white society, and enhance national cohesion, is determined as in the character and the reshaping of the image of the new Indian play an important role in the process. In short, the theme of the works of Alexie according to the oppressed to confront to the passive integration, to take the initiative to integrate into the law of development, forming a complete circle, and ultimately to achieve racial integration.

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