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Study on Government Information Resource Sharing Mode and Operational Mechanism under E-government Environment

Author DongHaiXin
Tutor BiQiang
School Jilin University
Course Information Science
Keywords E-government Information Resources Sharing Sharing Mechanism
CLC G203
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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With the conversion of the government function and the constantly going deep into E-government construction, taking citizens as centre, supplying one station service, realizing the cooperation and collaboration among the departments of government become the most urgent requirement and challenge. The construction of E-government application systems is firstly set up in the 1980’s in our country. During several years construction, most of government departments had set up GIP and OAS, and specially actualized series of "golden" projects so that we accumulated great experiences for the government’s information construction. But e-government application system is a big and complicated system in itself, in addition with the shortage of whole and unite plan of system construction, so the phenomenon of "information island" and difficulties in information resources share have widely existed in current e-government application system. These problems have seriously influenced the healthy development of our e-government application system. In order to solve these problems, besides perfecting the system and reinforcing the management, supplying essential technologies to integrate current system resources, implementing the connection and share of information resources, advancing the share level and the use efficiency of resources are much more important.This literary grace uses a theories research and practices the method that the quest combine together, through the information technique and the government creative mutually blend this angle of view, combine together from the technique and the management of angle, the fulfillment which tries for the Chinese electronics governmental affairs provides methodology. The electronics governmental affairs is the standpoint of the government creative information-based mode, the electronics governmental affairs is substantially the importance that the government reform to constitute part, it of the development have to reform interactive match, its performance and function with administration then can gradually can body now. This text descends the government information resources a share movement for the electronics governmental affairs the mechanism, Chinese government information resources share face of problem and challenge etc. carried on all-directions quest and aim at China of state of the nation and information environment, draw lessons from an other nation a development beneficial experience of the electronics governmental affairs in the meantime, put forward electronics governmental affairs a development the initial speculation of strategy and mode choice.Break traditional administration mode, build up adapting globalization and the information social new administration mode, since the urgent request of that time generation to reform is again a contemporary administration to reform of aware of self target. Involve of the government management social activities the noodles be more wide, the degree for get involved is more deep, the technique which corresponds ground to circulate to the government oneself turns a degree request more high. The emergence of the electronics governmental affair, exactly catered to administration scientific, the technique turn of request. The electronics governmental affair is a kind of administration technique on the idea, essentially then to the revolution of traditional administration mode. Therefore to it of research since want to put great emphasis on the rationality and legitimacy etc. of technique principle and technique standard, even want the big background knot which changes with government to put together, concentrate on traditional administration mode to new the conversion of administration mode, this be the electronics governmental affairs the real meaning and value of the research place.This paper is made up of 8 chapters, the mainChapter I is introduction. From the start point of this dissertation’s background , expatiates the theoretical and practical significance of the thesis’s study, classifies, summarizes and makes an overview on the theoretical research status quo and practical progress of institutional repository domestic, and then make a review on it. And the concludes with a summary of the study, study methods, as well as innovation point.Chapter II is the E-government information sharing status quo both domestic and abroad. Firstly introduces research of correlation domanial status quo, and introduces the practice of occident government information sharing, next analyses the status quo of government information sharing in our country, find out the existent problems, fixs on the study way of the following text.Chapter III is the basic conception and correlation theory of government information sharing. Firstly bounds basis conception of government information and E-government information and so on, next introduces information resource axiology and commonality goods theory and so on. From the point view of economics and law, analyses the theoretics foundation of government information resource, makes the theoretics matting for the next text.Chapter IV is the information environment and theory model. Bases on information environment of government information resource, aims at character and value of government information resource sharing, put forward theory model of government information resource sharing , including system function model and system technic model and system net model, prepares discussion for the next text.Chapter V is seting up government information resource sharing mode in the E-government environment. From the comparing of government information resource sharing mode, aims at the actualization factor and difficulty of government information resource sharing mode in the E-government environment, uses for reference corporation modeling methodology and modeling tools, puts forward the basic sharing mode ,including informaitong open issue flat roof and government affair information exchanging flat roof and adding empolder information resource and commonality data center.Chapter VI is the circulation mechanism of government information resource sharing in the E-government environment. Firstly, analyses circulation principle and postulate of government information resource sharing the E-government environment, then from government framework of organization mechanism , a policy environment and policy guarantee mechanism , information integrate mechanism , benefit is machine-made , safe keep secret mechanism, sharing evaluation mechanism, puts forward the supervise method of information sharing system to be institutionalized .Chapter VII is the demonstration studies. By the fact that the government information sharing of Changchun economic-technical development zone, analyses development zone level government system current situation and the development zone level government information resource share system development direction in e-administration, the seal in relation to argument has almost made verification to at the head by demonstration analysis , has submitted corresponding suggestion and countermeasure .Chapter VIII is conclusion and prospect. The author makes a conclusion to the dissertation and points out the problems to be resolves and the further research directions in the future.

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