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Research and Implementation of Infrared Ground Target Detection, Recognition and Tracking

Author SongXin
Tutor ShenZhenKang
School National University of Defense Science and Technology
Course Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords Infrared terminal guidance Edge Detection Detection and identification of airport runway Bridge inspection Recognition The detection and identification of the radome Buildings target detection and recognition Infrared ground target tracking Information processor
CLC TP391.41
Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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The ground-to-ground tactical missile ground military targets against Standoff weapons. Since most of the ground-to-ground missile uses an inertial navigation, its circular error probability is difficult to meter-scale attack accuracy, performance and low attack ground targets, especially smaller target, there is an urgent need of terminal guidance technology to improve its hit accuracy. Infrared terminal guidance technology is one of the key technologies to improve the accuracy of the missiles hit. Imaging infrared terminal guidance seeker issues, detection, identification and tracking technology on ground targets in complex background conditions to expand the study, and the seeker system design implementations. The main content of the paper is as follows:. Nonlinear edge detection techniques under the noise and interference conditions, soft morphological filtering has the edge direction information edge detection algorithm, and propose a hardware implementation based on fast median filtering weighted differential edge detection algorithm; 2 goals for the airport runway in the infrared image characteristics proposed improved slope-intercept method transforms the detection of airport runway; reduce the parameter space conversion by the statistical edge direction using the directional characteristics of the airport runway peak extraction; raised line segment extraction method based on the edge connector and perceived marshalling segment list is established by the edge connector, and then use a perceptual grouping of methods for further processing, to achieve a bridge target detection, identification. 3. Analysis of the the target feature radome infrared image; proposed the radome target detection method based on curvature estimates; tracking based on the edge of the gradient constraint, and then approximate calculation of curvature and segments, then the segments of The the arc circle parameters calculated; study based the the histogram kernel function the Mean Shift goal tracking method, proposed radome goal is to achieve a stable tracking based on Mean Shift tracking algorithm enhanced histogram. . Infrared image building target detection, identification and tracking method: improved fast level set method, from the data structure to achieve improved algorithm, the curve evolution smoothing and the end of the algorithm conditions. Achieve the contour extraction on the goals of the building, and by the shape outline recognition method of building this target recognition; Further, the for building target rotation tracking bandwidth-based matrix represented Gauss Mean Shift tracking method to achieve a tracking the stability of the building. 5. Terminal guidance seeker processor system design strategy, designed according to the system requirements for terminal guidance seeker, the seeker information processor implementations; analysis and detailed design of the hardware; and simulation module and algorithm for FPGA implementation; software algorithms hierarchical division, a detailed introduction to the different process flow.

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