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Modeling and Performance Analysis of Automobile Manufacture Supply Chain System

Author MaZengZhi
Tutor WangLongShan
School Jilin University
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords supply chain Petri net workflow system model generalized stochastic Petri net Make-to-Order Order-to-Delivery
CLC TP399-C2
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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As the scientific and technological progress and economic development, the globalization of the information network market and the acceleration of technological change, new products around the increasingly fierce market competition. In the highly competitive market environment, the traditional manufacturing industry is faced with products that speed up the upgrading, improvement of product quality, reduce production costs and shorten the production cycle of severe challenges. Practice has proved that a large number of applications, the success of the enterprise depends largely on their own part in the supply chain. Supply chain enterprises to extend to the borders of the Organization of suppliers, customers, suppliers and even suppliers and customers and clients, the establishment of a cross-enterprise, cross-platform global collaboration, covering from the demand forecasts, product design, manufacturing , Distribution, storage and transportation services to customers and the entire process. In recent years, the supply chain has been to become the world’s most interesting study, enterprises have gradually been aware of the global competition is not a simple business-to-business competition, but in order to create the core business-oriented supply chain competition . So in the future how to help enterprises development of a dominant position in the market to participate in the supply chain division of labor and collaboration to form a dynamic combination of the Union, to achieve win-to-win is the greatest aspiration of the researchers, How to manage and control supply and demand between the logistics, information flow, capital flow, thereby reducing the inventory of materials, logistics and speed up the flow of funds flow, how to improve production efficiency, increase the number of new products, reduce process costs and improve Product quality and shorten delivery time, the enterprise has become an urgent need to be addressed.Supply chain around the core business, through information flow, logistics, capital flow control, procurement of raw materials from the start, as well as products made from the middle of the final product, the sales network by the end of the product to the consumer will be in the hands of suppliers, manufacturers , Distributors, retailers, even until the end-user as a function of the overall chain structure of the network model. It is a wider range of corporate structure, which contains all the nodes to join the enterprise, from the supply of raw materials, through the chain of manufacturing enterprises of different processing, assembly, distribution and so on until the process of end-users. It is not only connected to a supplier of materials to the user chain, the chain of information, capital chain, and is a value-added chain, and materials in the supply chain as a result of processing, packaging, transportation and the process of increasing its value to the enterprise-related revenue .Supply chain system as a large number of suppliers, manufacturers, vendors and customers of the composition of the complex non-linear systems, its own chain network structure of the system, which allows a state of uncertainty and the unpredictability. According to the available literature, the study not only still in its infancy in China, is also a study abroad difficult. In this paper, at home and abroad on the basis of the study, focused on the supply chain system model, as well as the establishment of supply chain environment management system performance analysis and optimization methods for the automotive industry supply chain challenges and problems in detail The analysis of the automotive industry supply chain orders and delivery processes, as well as problems in order to deliver the IT system issues discussed.Supply chain systems modeling approach to further research, for a variety of existing modeling methods of comparison, given the various modeling systems focus on a variety of major enterprises in the supply chain modeling and characteristics of Carried out a comparative analysis focuses on the IDEF and Petri net modeling and modeling of its characteristics, this method of system performance analysis of the feasibility of a focus on the demonstration. Application information in the order of the map and Petri net combination of the supply chain workflow modeling, automotive supply chain system can give full play to the autonomy and integration of business process system. For the supply chain system, through the supply chain system, under the basic concept of the work flow and explore the classification, application workflow system Petri net approach to the workflow reference model for the analysis of the supply chain for the work environment Reference flow model and the basic components such as the interface given that the course of their activities and give the state transition described here based on Petri net-based workflow modeling methods discussed in detail. Supply chain system for the actual case, the operating system on the supply chain process to describe the overall situation and analysis of the application process, the Unified Modeling Language (UML) in the order of the map model combining Petri net approach to model the process of this case. For the supply chain environment, the work of modeling the realization of the given theoretical support.Through W company’s actual business processes and supply chain systems and information systems for inspection and analysis of the application of Petri net approach to its model of quantitative analysis, supply-chain applications and enterprise modeling system based on Petri net workflow model, The automotive industry supply chain system of systems analysis, through a broad network of random combination of Markov chain theory, the system work flow characteristics of a detailed analysis of the automotive industry in Make-to-Order (MTO) .The work of building a model for the calculation and quantitative analysis to solve supply chain probabilistic steady stream of work, has been working model of the time, resources, with an average latency, throughput and bottlenecks in the system, and other information, for the supply chain system Flow of effective performance evaluation provides a theoretical basis and found that there is the potential problem and potential conflict, and optimize system performance, reduce overall costs and improve overall operating efficiency to promote the role. The use of these high-level Petri net on the properties of the workflow performance evaluation, that is, the workflow of the average number of performance indicators such as throughput, the average wait time, the average wait for the work of dealing with the number of items, share resources, and so on are calculated, and This is the basis to design, and the forecast for the improvement of the existing system provides a theoretical basis.The subject of this research will help automobile manufacturer supply chain performance evaluation and analysis, design and implementation of effective supply chain system structure and function, the whole supply chain system node enterprises, improve market competitiveness, enhance customer service levels are important guiding Value at the same time, supply chain optimization of system performance and reduce the cost of the process and shorten the production cycle has an important theoretical guidance and broad application prospects.

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