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The blueprint of life - Fang Dongmei Life State Research

Author ShangJinBo
Tutor XuChunLin
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course Chinese Philosophy
Keywords Fang Dongmei Philosophy of Life Ideal cultural blueprint Realm of life
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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\It is the philosophy of culture Fang Dongmei compare the crystallization is Fang Dongmei life Realm showcase, it can be said , implies the Fang Dongmei entire tenor of life philosophy , close photo of Fang Dongmei Thought Overall weather . This article will focus on the blueprint , elaborate Fang Dongmei realm of life at all levels , and through this to appreciate the Fang Dongmei philosophy of life , \Article is divided into four parts: introduction, which first of all the other eastern United States as a whole ideological system overview ; Secondly, academics debated Fang Dongmei ideological positioning to make their own answer to the theory set the tone for the article ; Third clarify in recent years, other studies Dongmei ideological status quo , inductive research themes , leads to the significance of the research topic . The first chapter focuses on account of the realm of life , said Fang Dongmei ontological foundation - \That \philosophy of \The second and third chapters focus of this article . The second chapter of the realm of life exhibited by the blueprint for comprehensive explanation . Fang Dongmei Life State is \absorbed . Chapter III By Fang Dongmei and lan , Junyi realm of life compared to say , to show Fang Dongmei Life State tradition and modernity, as a basis for later evaluation . The fourth chapter is about the realm of life , said Fang Dongmei evaluation . Fang Dongmei realm of life to say the same as its ideology maverick for the current academic research on the state of the problem provides a theoretical inspiration , but also to solve the current value of diffuse degeneration in society , spiritual emptiness and other \Even so, Fang Dongmei realm of life , said there is still the era of its unbridgeable gulf , its theoretical dilemma is also very obvious.

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