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The Research on Reliability of Low-Voltage Power Line Communication

Author KongXiangBin
Tutor SuShiPing
School Changsha University of Science and Technology
Course Proceedings of the
Keywords Low-voltage power communication reliability Channel characteristics OFDM Chaotic frequency hopping sequences
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In the booming process of our smart grid construction, the low-voltage power line communication is one of the most development potential’s research hotspots. Its core competence is using the existing infrastructure resources of the low-voltage power line as an information transmission medium. Thus it avoids additional investment in a new communications network. It’s also one of the key technologies in the process of constructing low-power user data management system. It can greatly enhance the power management of office automation level and improve production and living standards of people.But as a non-uniform distribution of low-voltage power line, the original design of the starting point for thousands of families to provide power, as low-voltage power line network variability strong load is complex, especially in today’s large number of frequency conversion device applications and promotion, reducing the low-voltage power line carrier communication reliability.In the process of the low voltage power line carrier communication application and promotion, there are many problems to be urgently solved, such as power line’s impedance matching, signal attenuation, noise suppression, and multipath effects, etc., which seriously affected the reliability of their systems is the basis for design of low-voltage power line communication products. Based on this, this paper presents a low voltage distribution line carrier communication improved chaotic frequency-hopping algorithm to improve system reliability.First, the paper integrates low-voltage power line communication of the current research status and significance, cites several low-voltage power line carrier chips, introduces the inadequacies of our power line carrier chip and low-voltage power line carrier communication system components, describes the basic principles and characteristics, and analyzes the system modulation technology.Secondly, the paper analyzes and models the low-voltage power line channel, analysis of channel network characteristics and communication network structure, impedance and attenuation characteristics and noise characteristics, establishes the relevant models and the simulation results. Finally the paper analyzes the low-voltage power communication modulation, introduces widely researched of the frequency hopping communications and OFDM technology and its key technologies, combined with chaos theory, puts forward a chaotic FH sequences improved algorithm, and applies to OFDM coding system, research shows that Chaotic frequency hopping sequences that effectively improve the low voltage power line carrier communication system reliability. As an open distribution network, the sequence of system security is also a great benefit.

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