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North China Rural Migrants to the Northeast (1897-1931)

Author TaoMingMing
Tutor NieHaoChun
School Zhengzhou University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords North China The Northeast Immigrant Conflict
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Of migrants is a history together, results pull that thrust to move out and move into the combined effects. The late Qing Dynasty, the people and land of North China great contradictions rampant natural disasters. Water, drought, locusts and heavy land taxes, usury, Banditry binding the social ruling order so the imbalance caused a fatal blow to the already very fragile peasant economy. This stage, in North China's industrial and commercial underdeveloped country can not absorb a lot away from the village farmers, many farmers in North China, almost desperate. Adjacent Northeast China and North China in the geopolitical put Ken had been commenced in the late Qing Dynasty, but the vast expanses of land northeast of the northern wasteland urgent reclamation, and at the same time, the the Northeast local authorities and the Russo-Japanese forces by means of the Northeast in the Early Republic there are a large number of rich agro and mineral resources to vigorously promote the commercialization of agricultural products and the Mining Industry Modernization. Tohoku region in order to absorb the large number of immigrants of North China, but also actively introduced various incentives. Migrants from North China, these favorable factors produced a great attraction. Forced many North China rural population is living outside had to go off to survive, Migrants from North China in the 1920s went to the northeast peaked Ho Lian estimates from 1923 to 1930, some more than 500 million people flooding into the Northeast. Immigrants into the Northeast reflect the characteristics of the flow of the relative concentration and neighbor priority, immigrants tend to be more concentrated to move into a particular area, the limited physical and financial resources to stay in the southern part of Northeast. The early immigrants mainly young adults the northeast seasonal nature of farming and a strong sense of family in North China, many immigrants in the old calendar before and after returning home mothering reunion ritual attached to the influence of a master after the formation of Niu - tou Master paragraph immigrants reflect the change in the trend of the season. With the passage of time, the immigrants by individual immigrants transition to a corporate immigration. Immigrants into the Northeast faced a number of obstacles, and a large number of Northeast land carved up by the former ruling class and the emerging northern warlords, immigration into the northeast by economic and other factors limit is difficult to get land rights. Banditry rampant, high rent and usury Migrants from North China in the survival and development of the northeast caused threats. North China the influx of immigrants to the Northeast, just 30 years before the outbreak of the \Agricultural development for the commercial production of agricultural raw materials, northeast of the soybean industry executive acknowledged leaders of the industry during this period, the redundant agricultural exports to many countries. The influx of a large number of immigrants to the northeast industrial rich of available labor resources, with the favorable opportunity of the First World War, northeast of the industry has also ushered in a brief spring. Migrants from North China, Shandong human body hard-working, and a strong sense of unity, danger, walking in the volatile northeastern region, a business group formed in many areas. The arrival of immigrants to promote the economic development of the Northeast, but a large number of the population gathered inevitably will produce a variety of social problems, working immigrants, often for the bandits for the Pirates, affect the social stability of the northeast, the sex ratio of migrants is a serious imbalance in the social problems caused by should not be overlooked. The large number of North China young adults moved into the Northeast, often a large number of uncultivated land of origin, affecting the food security of the North China region.

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