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Author CuiXiaoChao
Tutor LiuCai;ShiRong
School Yanshan University
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords continuous casting model rotation field of flowing field of temperature coupling numerical simulation submerged entry nozzle(SEN) physical simulation continuous casting billet structure
Type PhD thesis
Year 2001
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High active continuous casting has become the target being chased by one other in steel occupation in the most country of the world recently. With the increase of continuous casting speed, more dramatic enhance has been acquired in liquid steel speed and flux though model of SEN water pouring. If it-be controlled incorrectly maybe it can caused strenuous fluctuate on meniscus deepen in impact depth. uneasy rising above of air bubble in occlusions cinder~ crackle~ thickness disparity of freezing shell~ rarefaction of central structure etc. The liquid metal contain many of kinetic energy when overflow the model from midst through SEN. Usually people used electromagnetic braking to reduce this parts of energy to alleviate impact depth. control the flow state of molten steel. Through survey carefully, we find that if depend on pouring ve1ocity~ structural shape of SEN entocoele~ angle slope of outlet depth of infusion together to make the liquid steel in model revolution in an order flow then it can utilize this kind of energy completely. This paper ,under the base of experimental investigation on watering modal and the numeric analysis of flow field ?temperature field in model, present a new theory of stirring ,namely, depend on the flowing energy which the liquid steel hold can implement it抯 rotation and afford a kind of unique X type SEN to replace electromagnetism stir and electromagnetism braking in model ,thus it can save a lot of energy and much money in equipment investment. 慦ith the process of continuous casting company the flow of liquid steel. the heat transfer in freezing~ the change of phase state. The complexity to solve this question is we must settle a equations set which include the equation about quality. momentum~ energy and turbulent current, and the coupling among them can be occurred through convection item source item and nature parameter of thermo physics.This paper adopt SIMPLE method(namely Semi-Implicit Method for Pr~ssure-Linked Equations) to exploit a coupled numeric analysis program for coupling among liquid~ solid-, temperature when continuous casting, by use this program proceed the coupled numeric analysis on temperature field and freezing rule ~flowing state about continuous casting liquid steel state for square and allotype billet, then it can supply a method to prevent the continuous cast deficiency. It can be approved that it is easier to curb the flow state by use rotation than use electromagnetic stir through the numerical simulation. For the complexity of the shape of allotype billet, flowage of liquid steel, heat transfer of freezing and distribution of temperature field also become complex. Presently most investigation of allotype billet focus on the equipment and fieldwork. By use this program to inve~tigate the effect of the declination of submerge nozzle, 桰II? W I~M眫Li~ submerge depth, pouring speed, pouring temperature and the number of submerge nozzle exert on liquid steel flowing mode in continuous casting of allotype billet, which afford an very important references for technological design of allotype billet continuous cast, design of submerge nozzle and the control of flow field. Physical simulation can overcame not only the complexity of questions~ high temperature and limitation of testing facility but also can testify the numerical simulation results then perfect the mathematic model. The paper adopt PIV (Particle Im

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