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Emotional World of the Qing Dynasty Literati North of Exile

Author JiaXiaoChuan
Tutor ZhangDanHui
School Liaoning University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Northeast Exiles Scholar Emotional Qing Dynasty
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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For to shed problems, from qin to qing there has always been to. But the qing dynasty was lifted, and mass in northeast as the main distributing. So far, shed this special group in the northeast this special region started special life, also make the qing dynasty the northeast shed problem become more prominent. Previous study of people, many convection focused on exiled causes, as well as to the damage and for literati the influence of culture. But for to shed of life, affection world, spiritual and psychological these details but lack of research. This paper focuses on the study of human emotion world convection concrete deep and detailed research, restore to shed real emotional state. For a scholar came to unfamiliar world, he makes response, his life, his emotions are discussed and analyzed, in order to more in-depth analysis and discussion, system of the shed show you life.Exile to strange northeast literati, frustrated, injustice gravamen but and helpless, face reality conducted a series of self psychological adjustment. They look forward to back to hometown, again by appointment, but the reality is cruel, it is only a hope. Exile suffered affliction, scholars in certain circumstances in their works and reaction in poetry, but not to themselves to give up and despair. This reflects the ancient Chinese intellectuals to great suffering and stubborn endurance, expression of national character of the tenacity and dark. In relationship with amidst the constantly, deepen the full \understanding between han and get along with them, promoted the nation’s big fusion. Northeast frontier contain infinite vitality, nature also provides a rich to exile literati materials, in the northeast region of the grand and magnificent rivers give shed tremendous strength, this is also the hope of life and to praise. Border areas, people’s gracious, forthright character also exerts a subtle influence on the exiled literati. Chinese traditional culture and ideology precipitation, savings and exile colliding a new experience, this process is not make exile literati destruction. Instead, this special experience enrich their lives, give great hope. Exiled literati The research in this paper is the northeast of qing dynasty to shed contribution situation and problems help. This paper is divided into five parts, the first part of the qing dynasty to shed wraparound, the second part is the northeast exile qing literati patriotic feeling, and the third part of northeast exile for qing dynasty scholar with native affection, the fourth part of northeast exile qing literati for friendship.

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