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Papermaking process and its software implementation of advanced control algorithms

Author KongYaGuang
Tutor SunYouXian
School Zhejiang University
Course Control Science and Engineering
Keywords Advanced Control Decoupling OPC Special device
CLC TP273.5
Type PhD thesis
Year 2002
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In complex industrial processes often encounter a variety of constraints, multivariable and strong coupling, nonlinear, large time delay, multi-control targets and other issues. These problems using conventional control technology can not meet their requirements. The use of advanced control, can solve these problems. How will the advanced control technology applied to the production process, and produce real economic benefits, is the current research in the field of industrial automation issues that must be addressed. With computer technology, hardware technology, the rapid development of network technology, advanced control technology industry is gradually achieved. In this paper, the paper making process, to discuss the papermaking process quantitative moisture control algorithm design and software implementation. Fully into account the papermaking process itself is a complex process of heat and mass transfer, interference and more serious coupling, pure delay and other characteristics, the use of OPC technology and multivariable decoupling control technology to achieve self-learning advanced papermaking process control software design, elaborated paper machine water quantitative dedicated control device design, characteristics, related hardware and software information and control strategy implementation. The main contents are as follows: 1, the paper analyzes in detail the causes of advanced process control and development of a comprehensive, systematic overview of advanced process control of Papermaking Research and research results, and pointed out the theoretical research and practical application by the difficulties and some of the urgent problems. 2, the papermaking process water quantitative dedicated control device scheduling, optimization, control and other aspects are given a latest research results. In scheduling layer with random demand for paper-making workshop and machine failures, establish a mathematical model and using the same method of transferring it into discrete dynamic programming problem. Analysis of the production of two varieties of machine structural quality of the optimal strategy, we propose a simple and feasible sub-optimal control strategy: Threshold control strategy. And gives a method for solving the optimal function. 3, then for quantitative in moisture control layer decoupling control designed multivariable learning dynamic decoupling control scheme, and analyzed other conventional coupling scheme, comparing the advantages and disadvantages between the various programs that multivariable learning dynamic Decoupling control effect is good, strong robustness for difficult to establish a precise mathematical model 11 Chapter 1 Overview and relatively complex industrial processes. It also gives a performance index for the two kinds of optimal control algorithm: H / V; hybrid optimization control algorithm is given for solving the optimal controller approximation algorithm and its convex quadratic programming. 4, for the characteristics of the papermaking process, gives the software design solutions, introduced the OPC method to analyze the OPC technology in advanced control software application mode, and indicates how to use the DCS '. OPC. Also gives us self-developed advanced process control algorithm packages implementations. 5, the paper papermaking process water quantitative aspects of the design of a dedicated control device, in one set of management and control, respectively, the first process and machine Polytechnic papermaking process conditions were analyzed, fully consider the characteristics of the papermaking process, the use of two control schemes for system modeling and control, gives the papermaking process quantitative moisture control integrated automation system design. The program according to specific system conditions change in real-time adjustment control decisions, which makes the system faster and stronger adaptability, increase production, saving raw materials and increase economic efficiency. 6, for the papermaking process water is difficult to measure the characteristics of the water gives a soft measurement model and on-line correction scheme. Finally, a general summary of the full text, and pointed out the theory and application needs further study.

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