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Using Control Methods in Time Field to Reappear Stochastic Waveform on Electro-hydraulic Servo Road Simulation Test-bed

Author LiuCheng
Tutor WangZhongFan
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Vehicle Engineering
Keywords Electro-hydraulic servo Car Road simulation Test Bench Random waveform Be reproduced Time Domain Control MIMO CARMA
CLC U467
Type PhD thesis
Year 2002
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MTS Systems RPC international road simulation test commonly used method, but it has the following problems: 1. Before the official test, the system offline iterative calculation take longer to control the amount of sequence of successive approximation given random waveform. This is not only time-consuming but also more profound theoretical basis for control and iterative calculation requires testing personnel. 2. After entering the trial run, the computer outputs a control signal and the vibration device in response to the relationship between the a ring-opening, the test object's state during the test due to the test bench or will change, so it is difficult to guarantee the system to be controlled by the same precision reproducing given random physical quantity. Address the problem proposed in this paper for the single-input single-output system of electro-hydraulic servo automobile road simulation test bench tests can be used single-input single-output CARMA model described; multi-point output for the the electrohydraulic servo automobile road simulation test system acceleration random waveform reproduction test as well as other multi-input multi-output problem, because there is a coupling relationship between the amount of input and output, it is necessary to use multiple input multiple output CARMA model describes. In this paper, augmented with variable forgetting factor recursive least squares algorithm line identification of electro-hydraulic servo automobile road simulation test bench was charged with the model parameters of the system, the control system in the realization of the waveform reproduction has significant anti-interference ability and stable waveform reproduction accuracy. Structural parameter identification of the electrohydraulic servo automobile road simulation test bench, the BIC criteria test the applicability of the parameters of the model structure, F-criteria to determine the final structure of the electro-hydraulic servo automobile road simulation test rig controlled model parameters. This article is derived in the time domain of the electro-hydraulic servo road simulation test bench the random waveform reproduction control, CARMA model-based, single-input, single-output system and multi-input multi-output system, the implicit minimum variance self-tuning regulator. Verify that the regulator has better robustness of vehicle road simulation test control. In the the domestic dual channel electro-hydraulic servo automobile road simulation test rig, to achieve high precision reproduction car traveling road random elevation. And independent suspension and bumper response, multi-point output random acceleration waveform reproduction steady precision. The most important feature of this control method is strong anti-jamming capability, simple and easy to use, throughout the unchanged reproduction of the desired waveform accuracy.

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