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Study on Water Lubrication Mechanism of Rubber Bearings

Author DuanFangLi
Tutor ZhangGuangHui
School Chongqing University
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Rubber bearings Water lubrication Lubrication mechanism Elastohydrodynamic lubrication Contact analysis
CLC TH133.3
Type PhD thesis
Year 2002
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Water lubricated rubber bearing has good anti-vibration characteristics of sediment, wear resistance, ships, turbines, pumps, agricultural machinery and other equipment has been more widely used. However, lubrication and bearing mechanism is not yet perfect. Through theoretical analysis and experimental research, to explore the case of water-lubricated rubber bearing friction characteristics, and reveals the lubrication mechanism. This is the first completely water lubricated rubber bearing EHL Analysis. Due to the low viscosity of water, while the rubber hyperelastic, water lubricated rubber bearings the EHL analysis there are two difficulties: the elastic deformation of the water fluid lubrication equation selection and rubber. This article is derived from the continuity equation and the Navier-Stokes equations of fluid mechanics consider the inertia force of the Reynolds equation in cylindrical coordinates applied to the laminar flow area. Experiments, water lubricated bearings with rubber material stress strain within a certain range of deformation of rubber as linear elastomer processing. In the the lubrication equation fully compare various flow regimes numerical results, choose water lubrication equation as well as reasonably rubber simplify linear elastomer based on the establishment of a water-lubricated rubber bearings EHL model. According to the mathematical model, by means of finite element software MARC EHL Analysis concave, flat water lubricated rubber bearings. EHL calculated preliminary at light load (0.1MPa), there can be no full fluid film journal and bearing all separated, but may form a macroscopic scale fluid film concave bearing. This article indicates that there is a continuous fluid film the concave bearing friction interface and there is a direct contact of the macroscopic scale, are broadly mixed lubricating condition. Fluid pressure to produce the rubber lining 10-5 m magnitude of radial elastic deformation the trial found bladders phenomenon. The calculation shows that the planar-type bearings can not form a fluid film of a boundary lubrication state. Concave, planar structure lead to both the formation of fluid pressure differences between the size. The concave bearing strip of convergence wedge plane convergence wedge wide and short. Journal bearing contact, the structure of the different performance for different contact deformation characteristics. Contact analysis showed that in addition to the water separator tank, the contact area of ??the concave bearing is continuous whole slice, but only the middle part and the journal of the respective bearer of the flat-type bearing slats contact. In the range of the calculated load, a contact area of ??the concave is almost twice that of a flat-type. Elongated converging wedge, the the larger continuous contact area and the smaller the contact stress of the concave structure is more conducive to the formation fluid pressure. In this paper, concave, flat-type water lubricated rubber bearing friction performance test. Match in a light load condition test and calculation results, show that the ability to form part of the fluid film to mixed lubrication state to a large extent determine the bearing friction performance is good or bad, the structural design is an important way to optimize bearing performance. Should also be noted, changes in working conditions or the state of lubrication favor fluid film formation conditions is likely to translate into reducing the frictional lt; WP = gt; performance factors. The application of statistical methods of static contact area and dynamic friction correlation analysis, the results show that they have a significant linear relationship of the level. Thus, this paper presents the performance of rubber bearing friction is determined mainly by the boundary lubrication part, rubber select a key factor to improve the performance of the bearing friction.

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