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On the evolution of the black media status under the shadow of racism and the substance of the U.S. media

Author FanYun
Tutor ChengShuNing
School Yunnan University
Course World History
Keywords Media status African Americans Media Affect
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Currently , the U.S. media is extremely developed , and the moment of impact on various aspects of American life . Such a white man in the United States accounted for the vast majority of countries , the media really advertised the equal freedom of the press it ? Media status' dissertation">Media status of African Americans and how ? Blacks from slaves , step by step up to today , the progress of their social status but still whites a big gap . In the media field , blacks have been subject to discrimination , of course, the status of various historical stages of blacks media . The the black image presented in the media , mostly negative , always deliberately exaggerated the the Blacks negative news media reports , demonize black behavior and blacks of this long-term implied the degree of attention in the media , with the degree of respect , that blacks media status , is the focus of this study . In this paper, from the point of view of the \Its media status experienced on Black History : alienation , vilify , to be demonized , dilute , of course, this classification is not absolute , each period based on a ranking the main status would doped mixture of other types of . The constitutional status of the media for its \But the idea of white supremacy in the long-term presence of the United States , as well as the prevalence of the media industry mergers and monopolies , are challenging the credibility of the media . Transition from the late 19th century , the United States , and to analyze the influence of the media and in real terms , and then a comprehensive analysis of the status of the various historical periods blacks media history of the struggle of blacks its improved media status make , as well as the status of blacks media disadvantage reason impact and outlook future of blacks media status . Concluded : Black media status with the progress of history and their own efforts and continue to improve interaction , the blacks media status , their social status . U.S. media positive supervision of the government and society on the one hand , the other hand , the white supremacist ideology ills exist for a long time .

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