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The key land use remote sensing technology and its application - for example in Jiangxi Poyang Lake region

Author ShenRunPing
Tutor WangRenChao
School Zhejiang University
Course Soil
Keywords Poyang Lake Remote Sensing Land Use Geographic Information Systems Database Management Systems Best Feature Combinations Training Sample Selection LogistiC model Knowledge and Rule Uncertain evidence theory Spatial distribution of Discrete space
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2002
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Land resources is human survival and development foundation, is an important part of land and resources. Since the 20th century, population growth, economic development, people and land have become increasingly prominent, people are irrational use of land led to land degradation, deteriorating global environment, sustainable economic and social development has been severely affected. Therefore, the use of land resources and changes in dynamic universal concern. To grasp the status of land use is for rational management of land resources, is fundamental to the development of agriculture as a whole an important basis for national economic development plans. Remote sensing technology for its macro, timeliness, periodicity and integrated characteristics such as land-use rapid, objective and accurate monitoring possible. With space remote sensing information technology and the rapid development of the Global Earth Observation System established to provide a variety of remote sensing data growing ability. Remote sensing information as comprehensive, remote sensing imaging mechanism complexity, information processing technology has lagged behind the development of access to information technology, automation, high-precision intelligent interpretation of land use information remains unfulfilled, is often lower than the accuracy of automatic interpretation the accuracy of visual interpretation, therefore, combined with practical, on the monitoring of some of the key technologies for research, not only conducive to remote sensing research, monitoring facing solve some of the key issues to improve monitoring of viscosity; also to promote remote sensing technology to improve the level of scientific management of land resources, has an important significance. Poyang Lake is China's largest freshwater lake, the world famous wetlands, in May 1988 by the State Council approved as a National Nature Reserve, in July 1992 the UNESCO World \. Known as the \Poyang Lake region has superior natural resources and socio-economic conditions, is an important commodity grain, oil, cotton, fish production base. However, the District Land resources are very tight, the economy is lagging behind due to irrational use of land, leading to soil erosion, silting of rivers, soil fertility decline, sandy area increases, the deteriorating ecological environment, to the region's sustained economic development with social to seriously affect the urgent need for rapid, objective and accurate understanding of ten to Icheon situation and grasp the dynamic changes. Therefore, to carry out this study, in order to get friends to fit the region's ten Icheon remote sensing technology and methods. For the scientific management of regional resources to provide technical support. The specific content, such as - BU: 1. Remote monitoring database management system to establish research. For ten to Icheon remote sensing data classification and coding, database, database building and technical analysis and study, completed Chen Chuan Lake Dian penalty area digitized building a database _1: work: @ for remote monitoring of data involved within the curtain wide class of criminal and more Data implantation characteristics of remote sensing data to study and establish bad management system. 2. Remote Sensing Image Analysis. TM images, respectively, and the study of divination ETM \Icheon category is the same land, the spectrum may be quite different, and many \processed images of the principal component transform, principal component bands were associated with the original analysis, the results show that the first three principal components of the cumulative contribution rate of more than 98%, the first four principal components of the cumulative contribution rate 99%; the first principal component is a combination of the main band playing the image information 4,5,6,7 than ten lamp reflect reflection characteristics soil and vegetation, and a division of the second station of the visible band to be integrated information that can reflect the water and wetland reflection spectrum light sign. Additionally, the study area remote sensing images of the tasseled cap transformation ratio conversion and a variety of vegetation lift the number of transformation research. 3. most live special pull images selected for combination studies the best choice is to determine the characteristics of images gathered information mentioned Geng remote sensing image classification results with images one of the key ring bamboo on the analysis of a variety of methods based on the fixed gear, the relevance of different methods and differences that exist in-depth study and make a comprehensive selection index method. shell body content: The most Shi Gang j index method (OIF), Gaucher's entropy value method and class distance method exists some correlation, but not entirely related to different methods by Ding Icheon images based on principles and different information, the image portfolio selection, the junction shell is not exactly the same, there are significant differences. X! I!. Composite index generated by principal component analysis PCA three mutually independent, Gang Yu contribution rate then as weights to build comprehensive selection index model. Such relatively light punishment Composite Index mold realized the amount of information people spectral difference in principle between-class combination of both full Icheon entire image information, but also taking into account the extracted image the feature class places. After testing the preliminary view that the best feature composite index model doll valid image portfolio selection model. comprehensive selection index model is composed of the best index because the law (OIF), Gaucher's entropy value and an inter-class Severability indicators form by butyl T class separability many methods in determining its methods, should choose express compatible with the classification method. 4. ten partitions using remote sensing studies in the analysis result in different Zone \Lord Imaging Verdy interpretation, carried out for ten to Icheon zoning of remote sensing. 5. carried out from remote sensing data and non-remote sensing information extraction of remote sensing image interpretation and rules of knowledge. turned ①!

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