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Subarea Management of Tobacco Soil Nutrients and Adequate Fertilization Research by Micro Scale

Author DaiLiPeng
Tutor LiuGuoShun
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Tobacco science
Keywords Geostatistic GIS Spatial variability Soil nutrient Management Zones
CLC S158
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Affect by natural factors as parent material, terrain, climates and so on and human activity influence, Soil has become a space-time continuum not homogeneous changes, and has the high spatial changeability. Because of the traditional production method and not rational fertilization habits, the soil nutrient supplies of farmland not to be balanced, The fertilizer efficiency is lower and the soil fertility level is imbalanced, Seriously influenceing the output and quality formation of tobacco leaf. So,Correct and comprehensive understanding of the spatial variation of soil nutrient situation and reasonable on this basis to determine soil nutrient management unit, and accordingly the corresponding contral fertilizer inputs and inputs of the type, achieve Tobacco Soil Precise management of the foundation,and as a Important aspect of Modern tobacco agriculture, Having the important meaning to the enhancement of leaf tobacco output and the quality of our country,so as the income levels of tobacco famer.In order to achieve the precise management of tobacco field soil nutrient, and Exploration Soil nutrient district management pattern on tobacco soil, this study arranged at Wulong County tobacco science and technology garden of modern experimental spots for the Nutrient Management in tobacco field, use the GIS and GPS positioning technology, combining grid sampling method with gathering soil sample, Analyse on the spatial distribution and variation rule of tobacco field soil nutrient with Statistics analysis, and then drawing Soil nutrient space distribution map. Taking a step forward using principal component analysis and fuzzy cluster analysis combined with farmers to achieve the park boundary coordinate tobacco field soil nutrient partition divided the difference for the tobacco area management and laid the foundation for precision fertilization. The main conclusions were as follows:(1)In all the survey region, the average content of soil OM and AK are 32.39mg/kg and 176.35mg/kg, at a higher scope; The AN content level is moderate,only 98.75mg/kg; average content of TN and AP are 0.78g/kg and 3.14mg/kg, at somewhat a low scope; In soil trace element, the average content of available Fe,Mn,Cu,Zn are 3.94mg/kg、7.30mg/kg、0.63mg/kg、0.32mg/kg,among what the available Cu content is moderate,but the available Fe is lower.(2)Various edaphic indicator has certain variation characteristic, Variation scope changes from 10%~49%.Amonge what, the coefficient of variation on Ph is smallest,only 10%; Other soil nutrient coefficient of variation varied between 11~27%, present as Medium variation; besides,the soil AN、AP、AK and Mn have a greater coefficient of variation, bigger than 30%. Carries on the K-S normality distribution examination to the soil nutrient, Besides the fast-acting Zn, other various nutrient’s K-S value is bigger than 5%, Achieves the remarkable level, The data assumes as the normal distribution.(3)With the application of GS+ software to make semi-variance analysis of nutrient data and to obtain the theoretical model of each kind of soil nutrient . therein, The best theoretical model of soil AP、AK、TK and fast-acting Mn is the exponential model, The other various soil nutrient targets’ optimization model is the spherical model, The best theoretical model decision coefficient of Various soil nutrient attribute are above 0.80, The model fitting is higher. Body effect of Ph、OM and AN are less than 25%, Having the intense spatial relevance, The variation is affected by the constitutive factor greaterly;Then the body effect of AP、AK are between 25%~75%,They have the medium spatial relevance,Which is controled by the constitutive factors and random factors . By the application of ArcGIS software, to get Optimal interpolation used the ordinary kriging , to map out the spatial distribution of soil nutrients map, which can be directly on the soil nutrients of the Status generalize.(4)After the compression of the soil nutrient primary data with Principal components analytic method, Applying the fuzzy c- average value cluster analysis to study the management district research of the region soil. The principal components analysis’s result indicated, Altogether has withdrawn 3 principal components,Which have more than 80% data information content for Soil nutrient.Using FPI ang NCE as the cluster effect evaluating indicators,Has determined the suitable management district number is 3, And has carried on the examination and the appraisal to the district results.

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