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The Research on the Historiography Thought of Liu Yizheng

Author ShiJian
Tutor XuGuoLi
School Anhui University
Course Historical Theory and History
Keywords Liu Yizheng Historical evolution Historical criticism Historians’ perfect self-cultivation
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Liu Yizheng majored in comprehensive history, cultural history, local history, history theory and so on many domains research, he put forward many brilliantly original ideas about the development of Chinese history and culture of China spirit. His historical thought is mainly reflected in three of his writings, namely Outline of Successive History, Chinese Culture and Main Points of Chinese History.Late Qing dynasty, western "evolution history" was introduced into China, Liu Yizheng was in evolution under the influence of thought, he was all for historical evolution, in favor of the study of Chinese history that should be from the Chinese tradition, and explored the law of development of history. But at the same time, he opposed a single evolutionary history viewpoint, believed that history evolution also has degeneration. He explained in theory, causal relationship forward unique opinion, both advocate causality theory, thought any historical events were in various relationship, and that history of the last was no causal, must by individual ourselves built causation. Liu Yizheng insisted the lilly, put forward for core history "history of ritual" point of view. He attached great importance to historical figures and people in history status and role.Liu Yizheng put forward the concrete methodology to treat history, to edit history and histories. He emphasized the historical data collection should be wide, textual research should be refined. He wielded the method of cultural history and historical criticism in history, which provided a new historical vision for historians. In the style of history, Liu Yizheng claimed on comprehensive history. He not only discussed the nature, function and general method, but also discussed the relationship of general history and special history, general history and dynastic history. Liu Yizheng attached great importance to the histories. He also advocated concentrating attention on reading ancient history and mastering it.On the basic of Liu Zhiji, Zhang Xuechengand Liang Qichao’s self-cultivation theory of historians, Liu Yizheng put forward a new view of the Chinese traditional historians’ perfect self-cultivation theory. Liu Yizheng emphasized people’s moral cultivation and discussed the historical ethics, historical insight and historical essence, which was mainly from "treat history to livestock ethics" and "history in the variable righteousness" perspective.At the same time, he put the three aspects equal knowledge with height. Liu Yizheng thought, istoriography function mainly included applying what education and Confucianism, historical enlightenment three aspects. Just as Liu Yizheng’s historiography, in this paper, the characteristics are summarized as politics, nationality, conservative and systemic four aspects.The connotation of Liu Yizheng’s historical thought was abundant, which made an important contributionto the development of Chinese historical thought.Through comparison of its comprehensive and meticulous research, it can help people to understand more complete the modernization of Chinese historiography, and provide the beneficial reference for contemporary China history theory construction.

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