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History of ethnic relations in the People's Republic of China

Author ZhouJingHong
Tutor RenYiFei
School Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Course China 's National History
Keywords People's Republic of China History of ethnic relations
Type PhD thesis
Year 2002
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Ethnic relations is an important part of the multi-ethnic society relations. The history of the development of ethnic relations in the unified multi-ethnic country like China has its specific development trajectory. The development of ethnic relations in the 50 years of the People's Republic of China inherited the historical basis of the original ethnic relations, and in the new political and economic basis of the development of new ethnic relations, namely, equality, unity and mutual assistance The overall objective of the new ethnic relations. Achieve this goal, the government of the Chinese Communist Party and its leadership actively explored, has made great achievements in the field of ethnic equality, unity and mutual assistance, but also committed a major error. This paper focuses on the theme of depth discussion on the relationship of equality, solidarity, mutual aid nation building process in the past 50 years, a summary of the attempt to carry out the process. The paper is divided into six parts. The first part of the preface. Description of the relevant concepts and historical stages. The second part of the initial construction of new ethnic relations course of study. The relationship of equality, unity and mutual assistance nationalist establish a comprehensive social, political, and economic order conditions. Government to fully assume responsibility for regulating ethnic relations, and changes in the overall structure of society, ethnic equality, unity and mutual assistance possible to achieve and has made significant achievements. Influenced by the \In the constructed ethnic relations, the regulation of ethnic relations has been the impact of the \to correct this bias, but correction has not been completely achieved, the development of new ethnic relations suffer. Promote the aggressive development of ethnic relations, social development overall aggressive fundamentally affect the healthy development of ethnic relations with the central government overall social development goals rash associated. The fourth part of the development of new ethnic relations during the \This is an era full of contradictions, on the one hand, the overall framework of government regulation of ethnic relations is the complete abandonment, ethnic conflicts are diluted under the social contradictions and conflicts, which accumulated: On the other hand, because the lives of ordinary people and the social and political relatively stripped state, population mobility and co-production and labor, day-to-day exchanges among the members of different ethnic groups to promote. During this period new ethnic relations generally not made significant progress, but in a new contradictions between different ethnic and estrangement. The fifth part of the re-adjustment of new ethnic relations. The end of the \Precisely this condition, ethnic relations are also able to adjust, especially the comprehensive restoration and development of the national policy, good condition adjustment of ethnic relations, the development of new ethnic relations in the adjustment. The sixth part of the new ethnic relations in the 1990s after the new international and domestic environment. In the 1990s, China's reform and opening up has entered a new stage of development. The international community to the end of the Cold War and the rise of a wave of nationalism in the world, the domestic market economic system restructuring and deepening of the reform and opening under new ethnic relations in a new environment, showing the new features of. With the gradual implementation of the western development strategy, the gradual development of the national economic and social, new ethnic relations, showing a stable development trend.

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