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Bo Zhang Pony for Any of the Inheritance and Development of Flower

Author LiaoHuiLing
Tutor Su
School Southwestern University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Inheritance and Development Era Merge
CLC J212
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Zhang Shu Qi in his art on the road, it is able to effectively grasp the relationship between inheritance and development. Create any Bonian unique painting block mapping method. Zhang Shu Qi following Cheng Renbo year based on innovation, he was more concerned about the picture in the whole and broken relationship. Ren Bonian performance in space basically followed the traditional composition. Zhang Shu Qi dare bold attempt to frame space, and achieved a major breakthrough. Ren Bonian often arranged images trend wind potential bias, Zhang Shu Qi in the creation integrate any Bonian arrangement of \Ren Bo Year in powder infusion methods everywhere. Zhang Shuqi an innovative way to create white when the black and white sub-colored with pink techniques. Any Bonian absorption Western painting warm and cold foil method, weakening prospects, the theme of contrast. His bold contrast color brightness widening deliberately exaggerated the theme of lightness foil was lower brightness. Cheung Shu-the flag inherited the warm and cold contrast of any Bonian Chinese and Western. Ren Bonian good to continue to add color and hook dyed the color is dry. 1 Zhang Pony Flowers and Birds, any Bonian take advantage of color was dry on the occasion constantly hook dyeing techniques have been fully used. Modeling effects of any the Bonian emphasis on lines. Zhang Shu Qi at the same time taking into account the realistic line shape, advocated what themes should be what tone to the reactants pictograms, textured brush strokes. Ren Bonian works theme close to life, the moral of paintings with auspicious wishes. Zhang Shu Qi is full of emotion that reflects the reality of the life of the subject matter of painting. Many see the works of Zhang Pony Ren Bonian good luck wishes theme. Pony, Zhang created a huge works - \Zhang Shu Qi dove as a symbol of peace is not only the world's first, but also given to the significance of the peace of the dove's first Chinese painting subjects. Zhang Shuqi early years learning Changshuo. Changshuo basic skills before learning bird and flower painting of the same, resulting in Zhang Shu Qi gave up learning Changshuo, select imitating any Bonian bird and flower painting. Zhang Shu Qi absorbed through the Gao Jianfu Maruyama school of painting based on tradition, and the courage to use the western realistic painting style of painting. Zhang Shuqi pen images compared to any Bonian, more accurate modeling, the space is more intense sense of perspective. Zhang Shu Qi Lu Yan theme very favorite, from his Lo Yan themes painting traces of lead from the side of life can be seen clearly.

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