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Study on the Net Brand’s Vision Identity Design

Author ZhouXiaoFen
Tutor LiKe
School Shandong University
Course Art of Design
Keywords Network brand Visual identity design Buy site Web Design
CLC J524
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The forties and fifties of the last century, the U.S. and European companies in order to expand its own influence, enhance competitiveness, have started to pay attention to their own corporate image, corporate image recognition system (Corporate Identity System, referred to as \CIS is the packaging and enhancement of the corporate image, to adapt to the needs of the market image-oriented. With the arrival of the era of the brand, the brand carries the connotation of expanding further development of the theory of image recognition, is no longer just to stay at the enterprise level. Winning brand today, people are more and more concerned about the identification of the brand. Brand recognition include three aspects: brand philosophy, brand behavior and brand visual identity brand concept refers to a specific brand image of the market positioning, as well as the corresponding image concept brand behavior is similar to the behavior of corporate image recognition system specification from brand perspective is to unify the brand visual identity of the brand's product line planning, forms of marketing, promotion and other marketing activities completely similar visual identity (Vision Identity, Corporate Identity referred to as the \development and maturing of the environment, information, productivity, and marketing force has become increasingly evident convergence phenomenon, which is the basic condition of the market has been too similar to greatly reduce consumer identification, corporate marketing efforts is difficult to consumers to know and understand in this case, the image occupies a very important position in the competition. \The obtained visual than auditory more intuitive, and more specifically. Moreover, the information collected by the visual having memories in the memory value is also higher. Initial understanding of the audience of the brand, often from the start of its external visual image. The brand's visual identity design is an important part of an integral brand recognition, brand is only the first to seize the line of sight of the audience, in order to further seize the audience's heart, to communicate effectively with the audience, and ultimately good brand image . With the development of science and technology, the expansion of the network as well as the popularization of computers, resulting in a new brand model, network brand, the so-called network brand from the network will not be able to exist independently of the brand, such as Google, Sina. Relative to traditional brands, brand visual identity system of the importance of each factor in the occurrence of a significant change page of the site has become one of the most important elements in the visual recognition system. This article is based, will explore and Ⅵ, design philosophy applied to web design, but also to achieve the pages VI system even in the value of the brand image. The concrete structure is selected legitimate popular buy site as a research platform, based on the analysis in the status quo of domestic and international buy site web visual design, summarized a presence of some of the major issues of domestic buy site web visual design, according to the brand school theoretical knowledge of economics, communication studies, art and design, and other related disciplines, respectively, from the site decision makers and designers angle analysis of the causes of the problem, and proposed import the coping strategies of the network brand visual identity system, leads to brand visual identity system as a network the most important one of the elements of the visual design of web pages, the period of buy site even network brand brand names provide a powerful reference.

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