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The Study on the Stone Lions of Han Dynasty

Author WangHongRang
Tutor LiuFengJun
School Shandong University
Course Art
Keywords Han Dynasty Shishi Shape classification Generate motivation Artistic Origins Value Evolution
CLC J314.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Han Dynasty tomb decorative carving art occupies an important position in the history of the Chinese Artists, large stone lions is one of the masterpieces. The lion is a major theme of the plastic arts in the Han Dynasty. Han Dynasty of lions remains an important chapter in the ancient Chinese cultural history, which a large number of lion remains worthwhile for us to dig deep similarities in style because of their commonality and modeling, as the Han Dynasty cultural relics and art research The wealth of material. This paper studies of the Han Dynasty Shishi Art evolution interpretation styling features and value of lions, to enhance the experience of the Han Dynasty, the main cultural and deep male beauty. This paper foothold in China's traditional culture, based on a combination of literature test data and in-kind research methods to conduct feasibility studies. Fundamental historical method is to use art archeology Introduction of Mr. Liu Fengjun and art law, made close to the historical interpretation of the evolution from modeling to value lion art of the Han Dynasty, as well as to clarify this art How to have an impact on future generations. The full text is divided into five chapters, as well as a foreword and epilogue. Research of the preamble of the main carding academia Han lion art paper the significance of the topic, research methods and innovation. The epilogue is a brief summary of the research for this article, and pointed out that the study difficulties and inadequacies. The first chapter of the relics of the Han Dynasty lions to sort out of style type classification, elaborated gorgeous elegant type, power and grandeur, and small decorative characteristics, integrating the styling of the Han Dynasty lion art. The second chapter is the analysis of the Han Dynasty Shishi art. Analysis of the Han Dynasty, socio-economic, political and cultural exchange, analysis of motivation lion art era. At the same time, focusing on the impact of Western foreign culture of the Han Dynasty, the Lions produced plastic arts. Tracing the source of the third chapter lion art form the basis of the Han Dynasty. Analysis the stereotypes basis of ancient winged beast, including lions and Tianlu, ward off evil, unicorn animal with lion-shaped features, further analysis of the the Han Dynasty Shishi art modeling foundation. Chapter IV First Exploration Han lion important position in our traditional auspicious ornaments, and reflects the important impact of lion mascot and culture from the incoming Chinese. On this basis, the evolution of the the lions arts cultural connotation and value focused analysis highlighted the important position and role in the evolution of our cultural and traditional styling of Worshiping God. Chapter aesthetic realm and tombs system illustrate the art of the Han Dynasty lions far-reaching impact on future generations.

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