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Rumen digestion and metabolism regulation and essential amino acids in the gastrointestinal tract of oxidation

Author ShenXiangZhen
Tutor ChenJie
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Basic Veterinary Science
Keywords Hainanmycin Cysteamine Rumen Metabolism Essential amino acids Oxidation Absorption of small peptides
CLC S852.2
Type PhD thesis
Year 2003
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One, Hainan neomycin, Cysteamine on rumen digestion and metabolism of selected four two-year-old healthy male buffalo (average weight 253 ± 25.2kg), install permanent rumen fistula surgery, 3kg per head buffalo fed daily feed (twice feeding), ad libitum straw, free drinking water. The use of self-control design study ruminal infusion ionophore Hainan neomycin (N95) ethanol solution and put somatostatin depletion agent cysteamine (CS87) for buffalo rumen digestion thank impact. Tests carried out in three phases, each interval of 15 days between. The first one is N95 period day trial period by the ruminal poured N95 (0.05mg/kg · BW · day) ethanol solution (ethanol concentration was 33%, V / V), the control of the same volume of ethanol is poured into an aqueous solution, control period and test period were repeated three times sampled, the sampling day from 8:00 to 18:00 every 2h rumen fluid collected through the rumen fistula. Zi 2 to CS87 period of time investment from the rumen fistula CS87 (100mg/kg BW week), respectively, in the control period, putting CS87 of the day, the first 3,6 days interval from 8:00 to 18:00 2h collected rumen . Section 3 of N95 CS87 period day trial period after ruminal infusion N95 ethanol solution, one input CS87, in the control period, putting CS87 of the day, the first 3,6 days interval from 8:00 to 18:00 2h collected rumen . The results showed that: 1. In N95 period, compared with the control, TVFA no significant changes, but the proportion of propionate increased 11.48% (P <0.05), the proportion of acetic acid and butyric acid are decreased, but the difference was not significant, C2 C4/C3 ratio was significantly decreased (P <0.05), mainly due to the increase propionate ratio, suggesting that changes in rumen fermentation type. Compared with the control, NH 3 -N concentration NH 3 -N concentration decreased 21.19% (P <0.05), significant differences, NH 3 -N concentration decreased indicate rumen microbial protein, peptides and amino acid deamination inhibited. This indicates that N95 and ionophores such as monensin, can significantly reduce the feed protein degradation in the rumen, which is mainly due to the proteolytic ruminal ionophore inhibiting the growth of bacteria and reduce deaminase activity. The MCP concentration increased compared with control 25.28% (P <0.05), showed perfusion N95 rumen microbial protein synthesis capacity enhancement. 2. In CS87 period, rumen TVFA proportional change in its composition compared with the control, CS87 processed the same day (0d), TVFA concentration decreased 11.96% (P <0.05), the first 3d rebounded 38.15 Shen higher than the control to true ruminants rumen digestion and metabolism regulation and essential amino acids in the gastrointestinal tract oxidative% (P lt; 0. stare), Section 6d close to the control level, but acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid proportions and CZ C4/C3 ratio no significant change. This suggests that hurl CS87 rumen TVFA have a significant impact, especially in the first time to promote rumen metabolism 3d effect is remarkable. Compared with the control, NH3-N concentration in 0d, 3d, 6d were down 22. Curse%, 18.71%, 20.77% (P lt; 0.05), significantly different; while MCP concentration od decreased 13.45% (P lt; 0.05 ), rebounded in 3d, higher than the control 2 1.43% (P lt; 0.05), compared with the control level in 6d close. 3 of the N95 CS87, and composition of rumen TVFA ratio changes compared with the control, the same day as in CS87 (od), TVFA concentration 8.33% (P gt; 0.05), 14.67% of 3d rise (P lt; 0.05), higher than the control section 6d 2.55% (P gt; 0.05), CZ C4/C3 ratio in the first 6d increased to 2.31 by the 2.08, indicating that changes in rumen fermentation type. N95 showed synergy with CS87 can promote metabolism of rumen, TVFA generation was significantly increased on the third day in the N95 CS87 period, the rumen juice and MCP NH plant N content compared with the control changes, NH plant N concentration od , 3d, 6d decreased by 11.55%, 27.50%, 13.45% (P lt; 0.05), significantly different; while MCP concentrations compared with the control in od, 3d, 6d were increased by a 1.02%, 40.00%, 28.16% ( P lt; O.05) were significantly different. This suggests, N95 synergistic effect with CS87 rumen microbial protein, peptide and amino acid deamination was inhibited rumen microbial protein synthesis increased, but with the infusion period and N95 cS87 period compared to the role of this effect is not a simple sum of the two, the mechanism needs further study. These results indicate that, N95 buffalo can significantly increase the percentage of propionic acid in the rumen TVFA improve rumen fermentation type, lower rumen of NH3-N concentration, inhibition of protein degradation in the rumen; CS87 inputs on rumen metabolism a significant role in promoting, with the first three days as the most significant; N95 C 587 on ruminal metabolism role in promoting better. Two, half-skin amines and Hainanmycin weight gain of growing buffalo affect the test is designed to test the effect of Feeding through dietary means were added CS87 N95 cs87 N95, compare the three ways to add weight on the growth impact of buffalo, for the CS87 and N95 in the production of buffalo fattening as growth-promoting feed additives provide the basis for the application. Select a a 1.5 years, weight similar growth Murrah buffalo 40, number, weighed grouping, were randomly divided into four groups, a control group and three experimental groups of 10. Test buffalo daily 8:00 am and 6:00 pm each 1.5 kg of feed fed / head, ad libitum green fodder, free drinking water. Pre-test period, enter the formal trial period. In the same day the cornerstone of the root conditions, test a group CS87 group, the daily added CS87 15mg/kgBW · day, divided into two mixed concentrate feeding, sooner or later 7.smg/kgBW, test two groups of N95 group, Add spPm daily quantity of the finishing N95, morning and evening, mixed concentrated feed feeding, testing three group CS87 N95 group, dose and CS87 groups, N95 the same group, the control group fed by conventional feeding method. Pre-test and post-test the whole story to Chinese Abstract pounds are the cows fasting weighed and weight gain statistical results showed that after 60 days of feeding trial, the average total body weight in each group had a significant difference, CS87 group, N95 group, Cs87 N95 group were more weight than the control group, a 0.87%, 7.61%, 11%%, significantly different, but the three experimental groups CS87 group, N95 group, CS 87 N95 was no significant difference between the groups, indicating that Add half the skin amines, and combinations of both Hainanmycin buffalo fattening weight on the growth effect is obvious, in which half the amide group with a combination of amphotericin Hainan better. Third, the essential amino acids in the gastrointestinal tract of sheep oxygen?

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