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Zong-Baihua and Chinese Mordern Poetics

Author YangWenFeng
Tutor JiangShuZhuo
School Jinan University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords the theory of the new poem the theory of the artistic conception the comparative poetics the life poetics "return to Zong Bai-hua poetics
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2003
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Zong Bai-hua is not only an aesthetics specialist known all over the world, but also a great poetics expert. Zong Bai-hua poetics consists of four fields: (l)The theory of the new poem. In the early days of the new poem, Zong Bai-hua wrote many new poems and papers to build the new poem theory. In view of the writing situation of the new poem at that time and his comprehension on the new poem, Zong Bai-hua put forward a series of views of the new poem, including "making the frame with philosophy", "promoting the self-restraints of the poet’s personality", "embodying the spirit of the era", "expressing the artistic conception of man’s feeling", and so on, which rectified a few drawbacks of the new poem in its developing to a great extent, promoted its development of the new poem, abundant the intension of the modern poetics; (2) The theory of the artistic conception. On the basis of the theory of the ancient artistic conception and the theory of Wang Guo-wei artistic conception, Zong Bai-hua carried the ancient poetics of the artistic conception a big step forward in many respects, including its meaning, characteristics and construction, modernized the theory of the artistic conception, furnished the example in changing the ancient poetics to modem poetics, filled in the gaps of modern poetics research. (3) The comparative poetics. Zong Bai-hua comparative poetics is "a unique existence", it could go deep into the core of the culture of Chinese and the West, compared the poetics as a cultural whole. It had a few characteristics, including "achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the poetics of Chinese and the West", "integration research", "show solicitude for humanity and culture". It is the model in methodology for modern comparative poetics. (4) The life poetics. "Life". It is key word of Zong Bai-hua poetics. Zong Bai-hua inherited the character of Chinese ancient life poetics, which was influenced by the life philosophy of Chinese and the West, and advocated vigorously that the literature and art should express the life. Form the view of Zong Bai-hua, "life", is a joint, to get through the modern poetics and the ancient poetics.During the Chinese poetics history of 20C, Zong Bai-hua wasn’t celebrated for his poetics research and didn’t write a thick poetics work too, but in a few views, we must return to Zong Bai-hua poetics, to absorb nutrition, draw lesions, receive enlightenment. Zong Bai-hua poetics shows clearly the direction for 21C Chinese poetics.

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