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On the Application of Liangshan Yi Lacquer Art in Local High School Fundamental Design Teaching

Author TanYing
Tutor XuFang
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords High school education Teaching reform Yi lacquer art Fundamental design teaching
CLC J527
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the success of open-up and reform policies, today there is more and more communication between nationalities and culture, but few people focus the minority nationality who live in the southwest frontiers of China. "Liangshan Yi Nationality is a minority nationality which has a history of more then 2000 years but just two major development stages(matri-clan primitive society system and slavery society). "Since the frantiers location, backward development, and few communication with other nationalities, Yi Nationality keep their own traditional customs. Especially, Fewer people focus, its more valuable and necessary to do my research, which also means there would be so many difficulties in the investigation.Since the Opening up of Western China, there is a great development in Liangshan. Most Yi People has gradually moved into the town and city, which improves the communications between Yi Nationality and Han Nationality. Although living standards have risen visibly, people have to face a lot of new problems including the lost of Yi Nationality traditional art and culture. Yi lacquer art is a traditional industrial art treasure,so it is also developmental and available in the teaching of basic fundamental design, especially for the backward of art teaching in some minority nationalities.It is said that new creations always can not stand the test of time and practice. The main cause could be that there is a lost of cultural connotations when creating. So what I am thinking is, maybe we can find a new breakthrough and opportunity when we apply Yi lacquer art in teaching of basic fundamental design. The combination could inprove the national culture elements in fundamental design. As a basic course in art professional courses, Fundamental courses could use traditional lacquer design for reference to study basic design and inprove individuality development. The design, colours and culture of Yi lacquer are valuable and available resource in basic fundamental courses. Based on field investigations, this paper discusses about the validity of the enterprise with experts. For Yi lacquer art resource development in basic fundamental design courses in institutions of high education, we discuss the evaluation of chosing Yi lacquer art as development resource of high education basic fundamental design courses, make a segmented teaching plan, and make Yi lacquer art valuable in high education.This article will discuss in four parts:1) The brief analysis of Liangshan Yi lacquer art resources.2) By anylysising the present state of developing lacquer art resources in Liangshan collage basic fundamental design courses, including theoretical basis of developing Yi lacquer traditional art and basic fundamental course resources and exsiting problems, I will make a point.3) Analysis of the application value in basic fundamental design courses. According to the characteristics of traditional lacquer art and the purpose of fundamental course, analysis and sunmmarise the valuable idea from the lacquer design, colour, style, culture and so on.4) The theory and practice of Yi lacquer art development in basic fundamental design. This part discuss the present state of basic fundamental design resources development according to Yi lacquer art culture. This section contains: aim of art course resources development, how to chose the appropriate content for student in basic fundamental design cousers, how to develop and evaluate the art course resourses, brief design of learning system and practical teaching.Conclusion.

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