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Confined Soul and Strugglight Heart

Author WangMeng
Tutor LiuSiQian
School Henan University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Female creative Subjective consciousness Late Ming to the Early Period
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2003
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Late Ming to early Republican women creation has been a neglected field of study, few researchers involved, case study of the writer, or a particular group or a particular genre general visits, lack of the overall contemplation and study, of course, not to mention its to have a fair and objective evaluation. From the late Ming female creation different dim awakening consciousness of female, except that it is not just as distinctive as the New Culture Movement, and some of the issues raised by this time the female creative has been plagued women, even to this day is also not a good solution. This paper attempts to comprehensive survey of the creation of the women of this period, to explore its historical background and body awareness germination performance, as well as the literature of contemporary women. This topic is basically blank. Introduction and Conclusion This article is divided into three parts discusses: the emergence of a Female Writers Group of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Women creators to group image appears on the stage of history, and probably started in the late Ming Dynasty. And then after a long period of more than two hundred years, until the mid-nineteenth century, the Female Writers Group finally developed into a creative force with a larger scale, have a certain impact on the literary world. Economic and cultural prosperity of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the emergence of the Female Writers Group provides a historic opportunity and the growth of the soil. Generated from the seeds of capitalism began to appear in mid Ming and directly spawned a the late Ming personalized Emancipation and Enlightenment. Personality Emancipation and Enlightenment or explicitly or implicitly, the ups and downs, has been extended to the Sino-Japanese War period, followed by salvation thought obscured, until the New Culture Movement before re-emerged. And began in earnest in the late Ming personalized Emancipation and Enlightenment, one important element is to promote women's liberation, and its contents related to almost all aspects of women's liberation, in the field of literature the most obvious manifestation of the support and praise of female creation. Female creators in this economic and cultural context, for the first time to the identity of the group boarded the stage of history. Second, hazy awakening. The Female Writers Group in the Ming and Qing dynasties formation men the creative center of gravity, to open up and men have different creative themes. Them and their works show the contradictions and difficult nature of the awakening of women. They do not consciously thinking characteristic of women's unique creation reveals and emotional, although they largely failed to go beyond the male enlightenment under the scope of and ideas, but their actual creation has started to show something unique to women. The male initiation criticism spearhead major or limitations in the form of emotional lt; WP = gt; factors not too much involved, they have no way to understand the true feelings of the women. If you want to understand the feelings and experiences of women, from the women themselves. So, when the women as the main start speaking when they express not just the men wanted them to express and tell, but to reveal more or less true of some women - and some men can not experience to impossible to focus on the real. Third, the end of the Qing salvation thoughts with female creations. The late nineteenth century, Salvation and revolution into the mainstream in this historical process, the male elite intellectuals found a female, they advocate salvation and revolution as a starting point, a second female Emancipation and Enlightenment. The Enlightenment stressed the individual re obedience to the state and nation, and the nation's interest above personal interests. Its ideas and practices directly affect the 1920s to the 1970s Chinese society, both advantages and disadvantages for the process of women's liberation. From male intellectual elite, some Illuminati women agree that men, women's liberation and national identity of national liberation, the process of the emancipation of the women is attributed to the national liberation obscured female liberation, independence and particularity. They also agree that men such as wife and mother 'national salvation concept, and this Statute and shape the women themselves. However, there is still a small number of women, such as Chen captures Dove, with Wei Kang, Qiu Jin, Lu Bicheng etc., published works advocate of female independence, beyond the many male contemporaries. Late Ming to early Republican female creation marks the prelude to the awakening of Chinese women groups has been opened for female liberation and female creation provides a valuable spiritual wealth, an irreplaceable historical value.

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