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The Research of Traffic Engineering Over MPLS Networks and IP Networks

Author WangHua
Tutor SunYaMin
School Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords MPLS IP Traffic Engineering Optimization Load balancing Traffic Protection Bypass Maximum flow
Type PhD thesis
Year 2003
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With the rapid development of information technology, the widespread use of the computer network, the network information is a high degree of expansion. Network equipment upgrade much faster to keep up with the growth rate of the information, so a lot of congestion in the network transmission process. At the same time, due to the unreasonable network design, or due to the inherent shortcomings of the traditional IP network, many network links and network equipment has not been fully utilized, is also one of the main reasons causing network congestion. How to improve the utilization of network resources, to improve the overall performance of the network, which is an urgent problem in the current network development, traffic engineering to solve the problem. Depth study to improve network performance more meaningful topics. We believe that the traffic engineering study for two main reasons: 1) more efficient use of network equipment can get the obvious economic benefits; 2) With the advent of MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), making traditional IP network to provide connection-oriented services possible. The biggest advantage is provided by the MPLS traffic engineering study to IP packet routing to a label switched path LSP (Label Switched Paths). Including a number of different LSP can be established between a pair of source - destination address can be specified independently of each LSP routing. In addition, MPLS can split the overall data stream is routable subset (FECs), each FEC can be routed to multiple paths (LSPs) in order to achieve the purpose of optimization. The goal of this study is to propose a series of traffic engineering in MPLS as well as traditional IP-based solutions, the goal of these programs is to maximize network resource utilization, or to meet the optimal traffic load under certain constraints balance. The theoretical basis of this article is the modern theory of network optimization, including graph theory, optimization methods, operations research, discrete mathematics and algebraic structure learning. It using computer technology on the IP network MPLS technology, the first traffic engineering gives a comprehensive mathematical definition of abstract mathematical problem, network topology, traffic demand, routing, network status. Second, from the point of view of the traffic engineering analysis of IP network architecture several major shortcomings, summarized from the point of view of the traffic engineering the MPLS background knowledge and architecture, and summarized the key technology of MPLS traffic engineering. Then traffic engineering study of the evolution and current analysis of traditional IP routing, QoS routing aspects of the research process, a summary of the latest research results of the MPLS traffic engineering problem. The paper also outlines the network optimization theory expounded for traffic engineering and based constrained routing optimization method, in accordance with the objective function, the decision variables and constraints classification, several different types of optimization problems and solutions on typical network optimization problems were summarized. This article made a number of optimization methods independent research to improve the transmission of network traffic. Namely: 1) MPLS network the largest streaming problems, including solutions based on the maximum flow of the arc, the maximum flow path-based solutions, shunt not shunt flow approach as well as multi-source multi-exchange maximum flow solution; 2) reliability of the transmission asked Abstract dissertation title: 3) arc-based solution flow load balancing problem linear programming method; 4) based on the the path traffic load balancing method and other load balancing problem; 5) in MPLS path protection ideas and methods on the basis of the proposed MPLS-based path protection method, namely N-t. A 1, N a t. - M splitless streaming and distinguish service protection, and gives some simulation results, the proposed mathematical programming methods for a new N t small M path protection. 6) The author is responsible for the provincial research projects, to achieve a network application layer traffic load balancing scheme, the article outlines the design idea and implementation methods of the subject.

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