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Musical Analysis of Kuhlau’s Sonatina

Author DanLiangZi
Tutor HouKangWei
School Shandong University
Course Musicology
Keywords Library labor Sonatina Music analysis Piano Op.20 Op.55
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Sonata (Sonata) Italian sound mean , early refers to music written specifically for a musical instrument , for the difference between the sound of music ( Cantata ) , this sonata - writing instrumental music divertimento . The sonata form is a structure in the form of music , including the exposition , expand the Department of Ministry and reproduction of three parts . The Sonatina (Sonatine) the relatively Sonata , the smaller musical structure , music, image is more concise , the music plain Sonata generally 2 to 3 movements . Piano Sonatina piano learning compulsory . Sonata form in the classical era musical form one of the most perfected . The main features of the Sonata musical form in music performance is that there are two contrasting theme , and the resulting expansion . Finally have a theme reproduction . Contrast and expand to provide a powerful driving force of the music development , greatly increase the expressive power of music . Advocating rational neoclassical music , emphasis on moral values ??, structured works of artistic technique is simple and succinct , so the music of the Classical Music through a high degree of formal beauty , so that the performance reached some kind of ideal , and keep pure beauty and balance. European music into the classical era , new thoughts, feelings, ideas. Contradiction , struggle , reflecting the music require thinking in the art of music the deepening and performance of the inner world of deepening . Sonata form , just the possibility of this kind of music performance . The text is divided into three chapters . Introduction expounded the significance of the thesis topics and domestic status quo ; Chapter two , Section I introduces the origins and historical development of the sonata , and the characteristics of each period , the life of the second Shao composer and creative overview ; second chapter three , the first section introduces the background of the history of creation of the library labor Sonatina , Section II , and the third through charts and musical form Figure the library labor works 22 three Sonatina works 55 three first Sonatina sentence by sentence analysis ; Chapter two , the combination of the Western aesthetic point of view and the traditional Chinese philosophy , to research libraries labor Sonatina aesthetics connotation ; epilogue macro concise summary of the full text of keynote .

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