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The Wind of "The Waste Land": T.S.Eliot in China

Author DongHongChuan
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School Sichuan University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords T. S. Eliot Translation Affect Literary acceptance Cultural Context
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2003
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Western modernist masters TS Eliot (Thomas Stearns Eliot ,1888-1965) in Chinese Translation, research, the impact of the research object, trying to Eliot in China's acceptance into the background of cultural exchange comprehensive study of Eliot in China, \In addition to the introduction and conclusion, the paper consists of four chapters: (1) TS Eliot: open the Masters of Modern British and American poetry; (b) TS Eliot Translation in China; (c) TS Eliot research in China; (d) awareness of \Four chapters constitute the major part of this article, is a mutually supporting organic whole. Throughout which the logical relationship that a writer for the dissemination and impact in different cultures often start from translating, translation is very important to accept the process and the way, not only embodies the subjectivity of the translator also specifically demonstrate two literary dialogue of mutual recognition and rejection to reveal the internal needs of a particular historical context; research is another important part of the acceptance of foreign literature, its not only the connotation of the investigator's judgment of the individual and the needs of the times A Critical Analysis of the process of digestion of foreign literature, a welcome reject the selection process, and dissemination of foreign literature, deepening accepted Context. The impact of foreign literature, will eventually have to be reflected in the works of local writers, impact and acceptance of both sides of an issue. The Translation, impact and interrelated and influence each other, and jointly promote acceptable deepen. Of course, this paper investigates the spread and acceptance of TS Eliot roughly combing and grasp Eliot creation and Poetics naturally became the primary task of this paper. Because the exact location of the source (TS Eliot) \Strictly speaking, Eliot in Chinese Translation, research and impact can not be separated, they are interrelated, mutually reinforcing a whole, this article is so divided into chapters just wording convenience. Introduction section briefly discusses the value of the subject of academic research status, absorbed into the basic ideas and research methods, innovation and grass square J a. Eliot in the 1920s Translation to China when it is our country had just experienced a \Eliot had a huge impact on the new Chinese literature, especially the development of the Chinese New Poetry, since the 'May Fourth' first shock wave \Mu Dan, Xin Di, Yuan Kejia become the Eliot \Thus, to really clear understanding of the course of development of Chinese contemporary literature, especially the new poetry, it should be a comprehensive clean-up and research Eliot's role in the development process of Chinese New Poetry. Eliot Translation Studies in China also extraordinarily rich, compelling. Translation is the spread of foreign literature and one of the most important impact. Its induction, consolidation, analysis and comparison clearly shows that the propagation path of a foreign literary context, but also clearly shows two literary translation of this particular cultural dialogue cultural collisions, blend, absorb and exclusion. The Eliot research has achieved fruitful results in China. Only the past two decades, scholars have made considerable achievements. Literary studies literary accepted part of Eliot research shows Eliot recognized and accepted. Summarize these findings and discrimination, not only Elliot study can be summarized better thereby to reflect the perspectives and approaches of the Chinese scholars study Chinese academia Eliot understand and accept the situation. Eliot had a tremendous impact in China \a careful review. Unfortunately, Eliot research in China, \almost nobody cares. In this study, Eliot sort out and analyze all aspects of the \Eliot Chinese literature, especially the role and significance of the new poetry by Eliot in China \I am in discussion will be depending on the object and using different research methods, including impact studies, parallel study, accept the theory and Translation theory. Chapter \The theory of two aspects of his unique contribution of the Anglo-American modernist poetry. The French symbolism Western modernist literature Overture Imagist poetry of the Anglo-American modernist poetry \The Modernist Literature is the logical result of Western history and social development and the Western literary development. T.5. Eliot gain many lengths, innovation, open a new direction in the development of English poetry, in Anglo-American poetry trendsetting decades, the Anglo-American critics in the 1930s to the 1950s known as \Eliot era \He is a distinguished literary theorist of the twentieth century. He proposed a set of new literary criticism and appreciation of the standard, triggering an unprecedented literary revolution, resulting in a broad and far-reaching impact, change a generation of literary aesthetic interest. The first two \Eliot in China translating overview: from three to four years of sporadic Translation system Translation in the new era, Eliot Translation in China has experienced a complex and lengthy process. Explore Eliot Discrimination Translation in history and culture in different periods Translation reason, while combing overview?

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