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Make up Life Aesthetics

Author XueZuo
Tutor LiuFengJie
School Suzhou University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords B.Croce Zhu Guangqian life aesthetics intuition aesthetic feeling and experience
Type PhD thesis
Year 2003
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B.Croce,as a west esthetician,influencing on the Chinese aesthetic field in the 20 century,his direct effectors,such as Zhu Guangqian, Lin Yutang, Deng Yizhe,especially have a utmost force on the theory innovation to Zhu Guangqian. So,researching on the current change and develop course of B.Croce in China,should be a quite novelty and a quite difficulty task.This research’s objiect is the connection of aesthetic thoughts between Zhu Guangqian and B.Croce.I study out research plan include 3 parts:research on B.Croce aesthetic thought status;research on Zhu Guangqian ’ accepting of B.Croce’s aesthetics;research on the character of aesthetic of Zhu Guangqian.Majority scholars consider that Zhu Guangqian come into being his pure beauty aesthetic thought because he accept of B.Croce’s thoughts,which in the monograph and correlation discourse comparativing Zhu Guangqian and B.Croce,so they analyse but dissever "life statemenf’and "aesthetic thoughts" of Zhu Guangqian. But I believe that Zhu Guangqian’s theory end-result is "life aesthetics".Life aesthetics base itself upon life,pay attention to life,and want using aesthetic approach to get across the aim of changing life ,so,on the view of Zhu Guangqian,aesthetics as a artifice and manner consist in life. In modern times,aesthetics’s merit and sense is that entreating aesthetics issue in right way,realizrng aesthetics piont of views in deed,and via the aesthetic action to rebuild person heart,and to beautify man life.This is an important emphases in my dissourse ,exactly is the original creation in Zhu Guangqian aesthetics thoughts.Contacting with life and aesthetic.which mean putting art into life,and putting life into art dimensionally. Beforetime estheticians discuss art problem limitting into life,thus deny art;or limitting into art,thus deny art’s anthropologismus character. Actually,Zhu Guangqian’s aesthetics system,send out Man,base on Man’s feeling,enlarge Man’s action and Man’s aesthetic feeling into society realistic surface -commonly mean,then deepen into society practical surface,in end,affirm sufficiencyly matter production as a fountainhead effect in the taste active,consequently build up a triune aesthetics systemincluding psychology, sociology and art.B.Croce is an esthecian that consider aesthetics as an absolute field,and that discuss the aesthetics issue giving back the origin point of anthropologismus.Zhu Guangqian inherit the spirit of B.Croce,which express as accepting the concept "intuition". More intentionly,Zhu Guangqian establish the "life aesthetics" creatively,and make advance the spirit of B.Croce.If B.Croce enact aesthetics on the side of man’s spirit life,Zhu Guangqian consider aesthetics as the whole life,including spirit life and matter life.We can say,Zhu Guangqian’s aesthetics notion band life and aesthetics together tightnessly,and bring forth the art’s anthropologismus character.This discourse’s aim fix on 2 points:one is that discuss the brilliance characters on Zhu Guangqian accepting B.Croce and establishing his own system from life aesthetics view.The other is that initiate and anabiosis "poetry spirit" of B.Croce,espectially in the art field in China,emphases on the humanistic exhibit from human’s creative spirit active.If the former is my direct discuss object,the latter is the immanence principle when I study and make piont.From the whole discourse,I want to find the origin of Zhu Guangqian’life aesthetics in B.Croce’s thoughts,and via the comparative research I wish I can open out the value of life aesthetics.Additionally,from the view of aesthetics history in Chinese modern times,I analyse the value of life aesthetics,point out Zhu Guangqian’s life aesthetics inherit the anthropologismus spirit in the western moderntime after western Revival of Learning time,and bring forth the unhomeliness gloss in China realism society and life region which coming from B.Croce enactment the anthropologismus thoughts in the spirit field.

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