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Study on Neologism of Mandarin of the Time

Author LiuXiaoMei
Tutor LiRuLong
School Xiamen University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords New Words Coinage method Justifications Morpheme system
CLC H136
Type PhD thesis
Year 2003
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Made from eight aspects of the Chinese New Words Quantitative Investigation and qualitative analysis. The first chapter, the definition of a new word, and outlines the history and current status of the new words. That the new words are the recent Mandarin complex was sexual, with new forms and meanings of words or phrases, or only has a new meaning, usage of the word or phrase, or only with a new form of words or phrase. Focus on it just showed the state rather than the state has stabilized, there is no stability and normative as a limiting factor. The problem of the study of modern Chinese new words: vision is not wide, reclassification neglect system construction, not to get rid off the modern mode of thinking, the lack of a sufficient number of corpora support, lack of theoretical discussion. The second chapter, examine the external manifestations of the Chinese New Words: parts of speech mainly nouns, verbs; the syllable still mainly a two-syllable word, keep polysyllabic trends; coinage as the main breeding category. Chapter examine new words from different sources: Cantonese dialect as an important source of regional dialect word, as the main economic class, the extension of the generalized science and technology jargon, supplemented by educational and literary class social dialect word source , with the founding of the beginning to the new period before the new words as the center of political language domain contrast; the English loanwords source, transliteration of foreign words, letters, words appeared in large numbers. The fourth chapter, study new words inheritance and innovation of Chinese coinage way. Inherited more than change, innovation and performance for the the internal features prominent letters coinage metonymy law change. The fifth chapter, examine the table of new words morpheme-defined characteristics. That the linear combination of the characteristics of contemporary new words Morphemes, nonlinear combination of characteristics; table righteousness characteristics and coinage method intrinsically linked. Chapter VI, structure drawing up a new word's etymology, especially the basic framework of the rationale for the study, summed up the types of justifications and explore ways rationale, pointing out that the new word's etymological research has important implications. Chapter VII, to examine the impact of the new words in Chinese morpheme: morpheme word formation force some adjustments; produce a small amount of new morphemes Morphemes that new morpheme is a transliteration of foreign words and direct reference to the English word results, new Morphemes the Chinese vocabulary breeding. Chapter VIII, examine the impact of the new word on the meaning of a word: the formation of a large number of more than one thing called synonyms and synonyms that the synonyms appear and coexist language of Redundancy important performance, the competition is not between the synonym to a clear division of labor or a further retreat for the only goal; sense Development of the main shift in terminology.

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