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The Psychology of the Soliloquy and the Psychology of the Dialogue: Two Kinds of Language Appearance of the Psychology

Author ZhouNing
Tutor GeLuJia
School Jilin University
Course Philosophy of Science and Technology
Keywords Psychological research Discourse Patterns Monologue Soliloquize Psychological and behavioral The principle of consistency. Natural objects Methods and procedures Psychological theory Equal dialogue
Type PhD thesis
Year 2004
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There are two kinds of language appearance in the research of the psychology, namely the psychology of the soliloquy and the psychology of the dialogue. For a long time, the research of a kind of soliloquy is the main current type of the research of the psychology.The psychology of the soliloquy follows two cents of subject and object , turning drive researcher object, express to soliloquize for the rational soliloquy, corpus with the soliloquy of the method and procedure. The psychology of the soliloquy lost the living meaning gradually, the research is tied up in the barracks of the method and procedure. The psychology of the soliloquy sets out from the entity principle of the nature consistency principle, mental state and cause and effect principle three greatest principles of the mental states of the mental state, equaling the human mental state to nature thing, denying the special state of the human mental. The psychology of the soliloquy was end to cause the psychological expert soliloquizes, the psychology theory soliloquizes , the soliloquizes of study method and procedure, Finally, it caused the abstract research of the psychology .In psychology study, the relation between researcher and object is the a kind of relation " I —— you" . Psychology in soliloquy research inside, <WP=163>first ,this kind of" I —— you" the relation expresses for the relation of the " person —— thing", performance for rational soliloquy, pursue the absolute reasonableness, see the world to make is a corpus rational and subsidiary.The psychology of the soliloquy pursues to explain to the formalization of the mental state, using to replace the realistic social middleman to the behavioral research in mental state and person relation of research, use the research to thought to reasonableness replaced to the realistic individual and the research of the crowd. Make a point of the construction of the mental state and form, neglected the behavioral real life in mental state in conduct and actions contents.The psychology of the soliloquy exaggerated the position of the corpus of the conduct and actions researcher excessively. In natural science study, the scientist is an absolute corpus, the nature thing is an absolute object, the nature thing is unified in rational category in corpus, be used what the language of the corpus reasonableness expresses. Psychologist will like this of the research mode makes use of the research inside of the psychology, the psychologist became the absolute corpus, drive the person who study absolute a, in experiment research particularly for such.In Psychology of soliloquy, the kind of relation " I —— you" still expresses an another form, namely the relation of which the " you" is regarded as a person, not thing. In this kind of relation, request the " I" must expel oneself completely historic with the prejudice, understanding the " you" objectively, returning the true facial expression in " you". This kind of thought led to seriously mistakes, because it neglected the " I" oneself historic, in such relation, the corpus is in the complete" listen to" a, is the " soliloquy" of another form. This kind of relation is typical model in the research of the native psychology. <WP=164>The psychology of the soliloquy make the split into pieces between the rationality and the common feeling . On the other hand, expert’s psychology emphasized the investigative rationality but is in need of to match the feeling; On the other hand, the civil common sense psychology emphasized that match the feeling but is in need of the rationality investigative.The psychology of the dialogue is from the mental state not nature consistency principle, mental state not entity principle and mental state not the cause and effect principle sets out, laying claim to the psychology the expert and civil dialogue, psychology theories and dialogue and research methods of the actuality life and study the dialogue of the problem. The psychology of the dialogue emphasizes the psychology investigative and realistic, promotin

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