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Preventive Diplomacy : From Vision to Practice

Author ZuoDaWei
Tutor ZhouQiPeng
School Foreign Service Institute
Course International relations
Keywords Preventive diplomacy Diplomatic Studies Conflict Prevention Multilateral security cooperation United Nations Early prevention OSCE Events of September 11 Formation process Regional security
CLC D820
Type PhD thesis
Year 2004
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This dissertation has done comparatively thorough research on the arguments and practices of preventive diplomacy developed after the Cold War and has analyzed the historical background upon which it was aroused. Preventive diplomacy is defined as the international interference and prevention in advance through multilateral security cooperation of large countries under the general tendency of peace all around the world. Preventive diplomacy not only bears some differences from Peaceful Settlement of Disputes in International Law but connections as well. To some degree it also can be said as the further development of this thought. Based on the summary of the mainstreams in academic world, this dissertation reviewed the process of the formation of definition and introduced two basic models of preventive diplomacy.The United Nations, as one of the most common international governmental organization, is the birthplace of Preventive diplomacy. So this dissertation conducted studies on the practices of preventive diplomacy and conflict preventions of the United Nations, esp. on the organizational restructuring of United Nations.On regional level, this dissertation chose the most typical organization in the sphere of conflicts prevention-Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and introduced its ways of carrying out preventive diplomacy, such as HCNM and Long Term Mission.The Fifth Chapter concentrated on the two case-studies: the peacekeeping actions in Macedonia and the race massacres in Rwanda to show the effect of preventive diplomacy in reality. And the last part is concerned with the feasibility of Preventive diplomacy on the basis of former studies.The basic argument of this dissertation is that Preventive diplomacy is necessary and feasible but has difficulty in execution. Since Preventive diplomacy bears great flexibility and various varieties, simple judgment can’t be done. What is of overwhelmingly importance is to take the right attitude and to make a concrete analysis of concrete conditions. After 11th Sept. the international multilateral security system represented by the United Nations is at a low tide. So the development of Preventive Diplomacy still has a long way to go.

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