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The Relationship between Philosophy of Science and the Ideal Development of Western Economics

Author YangJianFei
Tutor HeLianCheng
School Northwestern University
Course Political Economics
Keywords philosophy of science western economics the ideal development methodology
CLC F091.3
Type PhD thesis
Year 2004
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There are inherent consistencies and relations of ideal methodology between philosophy of science and western economics. And philosophy of science forms not only the foundation of deep ontology and epistemology in methodology of western economics, but also backgrounds of idea and significances. It has very important value in studying and proving this authenticity of the influence and relation from so many angles such as: history, theories, mechanisms, performances, etc.In this essay, I have made a total description of development in domestic and international researching and analysed the basic gradual progresses of philosophy of science and western economics from the angle of thought and methodology. Based on this background , I have a systemic analysing of relations between philosophy of science and western economics which bases on the principle of logical compatible .Then with some case researching ,such as : The synchronism and integrated existence of Ancient Greek philosophy and economic The value-theory and economic though of ethics in the " the Holy Bible" of Middle Ages and scholasticism ; The influences on classical economics from Empiricism and Rationalism in modern times; the methodological relations between Logic positivism and new classical economics. The influence on the modern currencism from the karl.popper’s falsification ;the relation among methodology of scientific researching which is recommended by Lacatos, Keynesism, the development of "general survey" ;The consistency on the historical sects of philosophy of science and modern new systemic sects; The meaning of three times turns of hypothesises of" economic people" in philosophy of science; The ideal meanings; Quality inspiration meaning and potential value to thought development of contemporary western economics among the subject.After case study, this essay analyses the restraint terms that philosophy of science influences western economics , concrete showing and characteristics of development bythought theoretically. It regards metrology of the document as method go on preliminary experience examine and estimate as to the performance that influence . Estimate in special topic, theory and experience on the foundation, proceed from philosophy of science, It analyses modern economics forward position methodology trends in the progresses propose modern economics faiths "really, kind, beautiful " 3 sects form , Thinking the faith form economics innovate by paradigm. At last, as the thought related result that studies from the methodology angle to philosophy of science and western economics, Nature who tries article modern economics innovate with the revolutionary methodology mode by paradigm, And regarding this kind of methodology mode as tools and starting point, criticizing new classical and thought limitation of mainstream economics, At new century the thought meanings of progresses of economicseses and his, prospect, possibility,etc. goes on and analyses and observe and estimate and predict the value meanings of pluralism.

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