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International Strategy’s Analysis of the Japanese Sogo Shosha

Author CaoXiuLian
Tutor WangJiaFu
School Jilin University
Course Political Theory
Keywords Sogo Shosha Strategic Studies Structural changes Three-three system Wheel drive Operation mechanism Japan For the 21st Century Domestic market Overseas markets
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2004
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The Sogo Shosha is Japan’s unique enterprise’s organizational form, not merely collect trade function, financial function, message function, but still engaged in importing, exporting, entrepoting trade. In the economic development of modern times in Japan, It has indispensable function. It is the carrier that Japan opens the gateway and has trade relations with the outside. On later stage in the 20th century, the Sogo Shosha was the media that the goods" made in Japan" were distributed all over the world. Facing 21st century, it is making great efforts to cultivate innovative life entities and structure new-type trade right. The Sogo Shosha has certain reference meanings to developing country, especially to the reform of the Chinese state-run foreign trade enterprise.This text regards the principle of Marxism as instruction, and is based on the principles of international strategy, which select the key data to analyze the three-three operating mechanism of the Sogo Shosha, announce three district structure of the mechanism, analyze three-dimensional , double round of the market strategy and then analyze key place - the structural change of trade right, sketch the future tendencies of the Sogo Shosha. Furthermore, China’s state-run foreign trade reform can use the way and the range of the Sogo Shosha for reference.Chapter One Gradual Progresses of the Sogo ShoshaThis chapter sketches the gradual progresses of the Sogo Shosha since the Meiji Reformation by using three strategic procedure theory of internationalstrategy and blocking method. Mitsui got involved in the pillar industry at that time through reviewing the courses of Cotton spinning, announced the Sogo Shosha’s function in opening country, having trade relations with outside world and quality function played in making one’s country rich and build up its military might. Through analyzing MARUBENI totalization course, we found parallel advances mechanism of three-three operating mechanism. And then make it clear that the Sogo Shosha is the media of the comprehensive achievement state in the economic competition. Entering later stage in the eighties of the 20th century, IPOCHU tackled the challenge of the knowledge fight actively, regarding communication of the satellite as the cutting point, carried on the reform from the inside of organization. At strategic turning points, the Japanese government always sends out signal to the Sogo Shosha and support it. The government play a navigating role.Chapter Two Synchronizational Function Development of the Sogo ShoshaThis chapter uses three district theories of international strategy to analyze the transaction function , financical and message function of the Sogo Shosha are a operating system, the three interact each other. Through deepening into the steel procedure field, this text analyzes the diversification of exchanging function of the Sogo Shosha. Only take the Sogo Shosha’s finance among financial system of Japan ,could we clarify the reason why it come into being , trend of going inside ,breaking away from the original profession , growing the money with the money , thus we can find out ,facing 21st century, the Sogo Shosha’s finance will return to growth original profession , namely information industry ,etc. It will evade the risk of foreign currency and capital sovereign, appropriatly involves in the international finance activity. The Sogo Shosha has trained progressively it’s own ability to control information flow.Chapter Three The Changing Market Strategy of the Sogo ShoshaThe transformation of the Sogo Shosha lies in constructing arrays of three-dimensionally of the overseas market. Using the American market as one point namely the primary market of international strategic echelon, with Europe, Asia two point make up a line, use strategic materials, such as resource, energy, grain, a lot of points make up a level, thus it can take the fast reaction to international market and meet the Japan’s economy society’s require for the Sogo Shosha .When overseas market of the Sogo Shosha

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