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Elemental Geochemistry of Carbonate Cement from Core TS95 and Environmental Evolution of Lake Tianshuihai Since 135ka B.P.

Author ZhouHouYun
Tutor LiuDongShengï¼›ZhuZhaoYu
School Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry
Course Geochemistry
Keywords Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Tianshuihai lakes Carbonate deposition Element geochemistry Salinity Temperature Climate and environment Lake evolution Late Pleistocene
CLC P592
Type PhD thesis
Year 2004
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Dilute acid leaching and ICP-AES method , measured element geochemical indicators recently 135ka carbonate deposition since the western Tibetan Plateau West Kunlun Mountains Tianshuihai TS95 hole . The results showed that the other alternative indicators of climate and environment and deep-sea deposition , loess accumulation measured by the changes in these indicators and TS95 hole early records of climatic and environmental evolution has a good comparability . Be the impact of global climate change in the overall pattern of these elements are indicators of change , with a clear climate environmental significance . Mainly based on the elements Na , K and elemental ratio of Sr / Ca and Mg / Ca reconstruction of the recent changes in the salinity and temperature of the ancient lake Tianshuihai since 135ka lake environment evolution . General , Tianshuihai ancient lake salinity in the glacial interglacial low , and the water temperature is consistent with global temperature changes , high interglacial low in the glacial period . These show that the ancient lake , Tianshuihai , interglacial expansion , contraction in the glacial evolution characteristics . This reveals the the ancient Tianshuihai Lake hydrological conditions change mainly by summer glacial melt water recharge . In interglacial , a relatively high temperature makes the glacier melt water and more water recharge lakes , ancient lake , Tianshuihai , in the expansion period . In glacial contrary , relatively low temperatures makes the glacier melt water to reduce water recharge lakes , ancient lake , Tianshuihai , in retreat period . The last 135ka since Tianshuihai ancient lake salinity evolution exists generally rising trend , to reflect environmental evolution since the late Pleistocene Lake Tianshuihai ancient flinch and continuing drought Tianshuihai area characteristics . This may be related to the same time period of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau constant tectonic uplift activities . Speculated that the equivalent of the marine oxygen isotope stage 4 and stage 3 of the conversion period ) Tianshuihai ancient lake hydrological conditions change significantly in the mid - late Pleistocene ( around about 58kaBP , causing many elements indicators occurred in the evolution characteristics before and change significantly. The reason causing these changes whether changes in the global climate and environment ? Qinghai-Tibet Plateau occurred about 5-6 million years tectonic uplift activities? Unclear. Lake Tianshuihai ancient in about 20kaBP disintegration separation. This is since the Last Glacial Maximum the ancient lake Tianshuihai been holding back the results .

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