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Theoretic Research on Simulated Modal Test and Analysis of the Ultra-shallow Wave-shock Two-Phase Character

Author ZhuDeBing
Tutor HeJiShan
School Central South University
Course Earth Exploration and Information Technology
Keywords Elastic wave Seismic exploration Ultra- shallow wave vibration dimorphic Proposed modal test analysis Exploration and testing Theoretical study Effective incentives and fidelity detection RADON transform Error return Artificial Neural Networks Wavelet Analysis STFT Image processing and recognition
CLC P631.4
Type PhD thesis
Year 2002
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In this study, the analysis of the theory of modal testing introduction of ultra-shallow elastic wave field of seismic exploration, combined with the principles of shallow seismic exploration fluctuations, financial media structure vibration response and medium elastic wave dynamics in one response characteristics, the initial establishment of the ultra-shallow layer elastic wave effective excitation wave vibration two-phase proposed modal test analysis of the basic theory. From the point of view of systems analysis, based on the generalized background, geophysical prospecting exploration equipment, exploration of ways and means, nonlinear inversion theory, contemporary digital signal processing and digital image processing technology theory, for the proposed modal test analysis methods and anomaly inversion explain more comprehensive theoretical analysis and elaboration, thus breaking the traditional theory of the ultra-shallow seismic exploration seismic exploration traditional, ultra-shallow seismic exploration technology development and numerical inversion to provide new ideas and theories basis. First, a brief overview of the current shallow at home and abroad and even ultra-shallow seismic exploration theory, technology, methods Research; geophysical prospecting system modal test analysis of the theoretical principles of the comparative analysis of the system, to explain the correlation between relations as well as issues related to the Research, pointed out that the specific content and direction. Modal test analysis theory based on the introduction of the mass - spring - damper system model, initially established a medium the structural elastic wave test the vibration test of the proposed modal analysis theory; combination of direct wave, Rayleigh wave angle domain stratigraphic architecture the special structure of the cavity theory proposed modal decomposition analysis, to clarify intended to modal test analysis is a comprehensive analysis of the system and that the system's four main analytical. Combined with the concrete practice, a prerequisite to be modal test analysis effective incentives and fidelity of detection intends modal test analysis of elastic wave analysis. Include focal overview of effective incentive ordinary sensor frequency response characteristics analysis, and signal acquisition systems and devices, and so on. From the point of view of systems analysis, discusses the basic theory of the of geophysical exploration generalized background and anomaly identification; based on the proposed modal response modal characteristics of the four levels, the combination of wavelet analysis and short-time Fourier transform, the thin layer response analysis and the proposed the basic problems of the the modal energy group analysis, based on the RADON transform the special elastic wave interference contemplated under modal image recognition technology principle; intends to modal response to the establishment of signal interpretation process mapping system, and pointed out that the proposed non-modal line characteristics and to establish the need for non-linear inversion system, and then BP artificial neural network inversion in the practical application of basic operational thinking. The conclusion Summary This paper's main contribution to the field in the detection and exploration of ultra-shallow elastic wave theory and breakthroughs, the inadequacies of the theoretical approach research and outlook later stage.

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