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Study on Forest Fire Dynamic Monitoring in Guangzhou City

Author ZhangGui
Tutor TianDaLun
School Central South Forestry University
Course Ecology
Keywords Forest fires Dynamic Monitoring Forest fire forecast Forest fire spread Forest Fire Guangzhou
CLC S763.32
Type PhD thesis
Year 2004
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China's forestry bear the major mission of the 21st century ecological environment and promote sustainable social development, the forest is the main body of the ecological environment construction, However, when the formation of forest ecosystems, fire involved in the evolution and development of the ecosystem. Forest fires is the sphere of influence of the social, environmental and economic development in the forestry disasters most widely used and one of the most devastating natural disasters, forest fires its inevitability, its burst. How to better control of forest fires, and effective use of the forest fire, there is an urgent need to implement dynamic monitoring of forest fires. International Flower City of Guangzhou City, the complex terrain, plenty of light and heat resources. Greening Guangdong decade after the completion of the large-scale afforestation, the forest area is greatly increased, a larger proportion of young and middle growth, species structure is simple, in addition to the outskirts of natural villages dispersed, road networks, frequent human activities, prone to forest fires. This paper is a part of major scientific and technological projects in Guangzhou City, presided over by himself under the guidance of an instructor, Project Name: Guangzhou forest fire information system (No. 20020197), the project funds: 2.0066 million yuan. Purchase of a meteorological satellite ground receiving station in the course of the study, commanding fighting navigation cars, as well as geographic information development platform provided by the U.S. ESRI's ArcGIS8.3 Guangzhou satellite image data, digitized topographic maps, thematic maps, during the study period, the survey, a large collection of attribute data and spatial data, nearly three years of research and development work, now successful research and delivery. Papers domestic and international forest fire prevention, monitoring and fighting the status quo and development trends. System science, ecology, forest fire science and information theory, and in-depth investigations and studies Guangzhou socio-economic, physical geography, the status quo of urban forestry and forest fire prevention. Guangzhou to meet the construction needs of landscape ecological metropolis become \, virtual simulation technology and mathematical methods, Guangzhou forest fire forecasting, fire point positioning, the spread of forest fires and simulation, as well as forest fire fighting and other issues are as follows: (1) the use of the TM images through digital image processing, the forest fire danger factor space data acquisition, analysis and evaluation, preparation of combustible type classification table and forest fire danger rating analysis table. GIS spatial database, image overlay, natural attributes library classification, forest fire risk zone and dynamic clustering method, Guangzhou, and draw a 1:50,000 Guangzhou forest fire risk zone in Fig. (2) to Guangzhou 1997 -2001 fire danger weather information, human use of fire law as well as forest fire risk zone results in conjunction with each season, with reference to national forest fire danger weather forecasting methods developed by the Forest Fire Danger Weather in Guangzhou, 1-2 days forecasting system, and use of forest fire danger weather forecast system automatically generates a level maps of forest fire weather in Guangzhou, Guangzhou City district (county, city) short-term forest fire danger weather forecast as a basis to publish. (3) in the process of forest fire danger weather forecast, fire danger weather is divided into five levels, and with reference to the last three years, Guangzhou weather data and forest fires in the forest fire period characteristics, all levels of fire danger rating days 3% of the frequency, about 50%, 2,4-level about 20% each, the 1,5 level at around 5%. Forest fire occurrence probability below 5%, 1 to 2, 3 15% 4 30% 5 50%. (4) through the establishment of the meteorological satellite ground receiving stations, to achieve real-time monitoring of forest fire point, and the initial issuance of information can be extracted forest fire. (5) after the occurrence and spread of forest fires, the temperature field from the temperature change of the fire, the application of the law of conservation of energy, the burning of combustible energy conservation relation obtained affected the dynamic change of the temperature field model, the same time as the fire is several micro unit, Guangzhou dynamic monitoring of forest fires PhD thesis micro unit targeted analysis of the fire environment and the infinitesimal body characteristics, differential treatment, get a set temperature field simulation calculation style, in order to determine the fire points in the region at the moment Wan, whether in unburned, burning or burning state. Field at any point (x, y) at the moment: when the temperature (the x, y, and the bow (6) by a fire, fire inside the combustor and burning the set of points, and then based on the boundary point and unburned region special temperature relationship to obtain the set of boundary points, draw the public moment combustion boundary line y: The function, i.e., when y GT; O, of 'one-off (x) and y LT; 0, yJ a little: ( x) function, the integral processing to obtain the public moment fire excesses total area, i.e. S: a two Cfjx rushing C: (x BU by public moment combustion boundary line, for 'a function of bow' into the arc-length calculation formula to obtain public moment FireWire length B C Stone Order of the congregation C buckle Shuo rice O (7) in the forest fire spread simulation process, the introduction will, will point along the slope in one direction with the angle between the horizontal plane took office FireWire which can take advantage of the the Gls so the spread of forest fire simulation with complex topography closely together, and take full account of the complex topography, convection, thermal radiation effects of forest fire spread and improve the accuracy of the simulation of forest fire spread small sample simulation and scientific. (8) to determine the parameter values ??and the input variables of the model of the dynamic changes of the temperature field, and any time the public at any point (x, y) the temperature of the burned area and FireWire length, and at the same time to get any a time period △: within the burned area, FireWire length and fire shape variation. (9) forest fire simulation data preparation and processing, data modeling, orthophoto Pictured background, forest fire ignition point as the center, determine the trend of forest fire spread within the specified time, the contagion effect, and a three-dimensional display. (10) According to the actual location of the fire characteristics and traffic distribution of the road, and the Fire Brigades and the need to reach destination information to Mierosoft, visualc 6.0 programming tools, call the MaP objects Arclnfo 83 network analysis module interface Pathfinder automatically calculates the best route, the second best route to reach the destination, time, and available to the form of graphics and digital forest fire simulation module commanders. (11) analysis of fire factor at any one time, the use of the system development, law, reference Guangzhou City forest fire prevention headquarters experience, determined to open mastered any one time forest fire spread

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