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Long-distance crude oil pipeline design optimization study

Author ChenJuan
Tutor LiYun
School Southwest Petroleum Institute
Course Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering
Keywords Crude oil pipeline DRA Optimal Design Mathematical model Algorithm Evaluate Policy decision
Type PhD thesis
Year 2004
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The pipeline is one of the critical infrastructure of the oil industry, the huge investment, high operating costs. Based on the analysis, optimization run home and abroad, plus DRA crude oil pipeline, on the basis of the design and technological research results, carry out the pipeline optimization of design and design evaluation, in order to achieve the the update pipeline design concept and patterns, shorten the design cycle improve design quality, saving infrastructure investment costs and operation and management costs, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises design, technology and social benefits purposes. In this paper, the crude oil pipeline transportation characteristics and laws of DRA analysis, the flow of crude oil pipeline Q viscosity v, diameter d, the drag reduction rate, DRA concentration have varying degrees of impact, Repin cases formula used to calculate pressure drops are no longer applicable. Therefore, creating a DRA plus the pressure drop h DR and Q, v, d relationship, DRA concentration C and Q, V, d between the two mathematical models. Crude oil pipeline pressure drop of two mathematical models plus DRA DRA consumption, laid the foundation for optimization design mathematical model. According pressure drop h DR , the non-linear characteristics of the two mathematical models of the DRA concentration C, Reverse ideas optimization techniques using genetic algorithms (GA) were obtained in the two models regression parameters. This article was first considered in the establishment of the crude oil pipeline optimization mathematical model DRA injected power costs, heat costs, heat pump station investment costs, pipeline investment costs, as well as the impact of the DRA own costs on the objective function. The optimum design model is based on the plus DRA crude oil pipeline, characteristics of hybrid discrete variables nonlinear programming problems with nonlinear constraints, this paper uses a mixed discrete variables genetic algorithm, the strategy of combining complex method of hybrid discrete variables and database technology to solve the model, both to ensure the optimal solution reliability, accuracy, and speed up the searching speed achieved significant results. This paper proposes a generalized pipeline optimization design method \evaluation of the program; (4) pipeline optimization design method for versatility. Pipeline optimization design evaluation system include: (1) the optimization program sets the overall evaluation, this paper entropy weight multi-objective decision; (2) analysis of the sensitivity of the optimization model, we use perturbation design variables method, and changes DRA energy prices as a design variable in the model treatment, in order to achieve high efficiency and sensitivity analysis. A numerical example: without DRA transport process, in the amount of long-term loser, running under full load, low tariff is economically reasonable. Plus DRA transport solutions to optimize the design must take into account the DRA, electricity, fuel price changes year is equivalent to the cost of the operation and management costs, blindly plus DRA crude oil pipeline optimization design is neither scientific, and uneconomical. Pipeline transportation of crude theory, optimization theory, entropy weight multi-objective decision-making method and computer decision support systems theory, conceptual design, functional design and structural design developed crude oil pipeline design the preferred system (COPDOS) software overall framework. It will lay a solid theoretical basis of the tomb the subsequent COPDOS software development and to form reasonable software architecture system. Keywords: crude oil pipeline DRA optimum design model of algorithm evaluation and decision

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