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The Static and Dynamic Analysis on High Arch Dam with Attachment Structure System and Model Simulation

Author WangChunTao
Tutor LianJiJian
School Tianjin University
Course Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords High arch dam Subsidiary structure The dam heel Stress trends determine the method Fluid-structure interaction Dynamic Response Backplane safety monitoring
Type PhD thesis
Year 2004
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Static and dynamic analysis of high arch dam and ancillary structural system need to consider the dam - the subsidiary structure - foundation - reservoir water (water load) interaction is very complex, so far there are many issues yet to figure out. Present more prominent issue: the dam heel stress problems, consider the coupling effects of the dam and reservoir dam and subsidiary structure vibration problems, water plunge pool floor dynamic response and security monitoring. These issues involve complex coupling theoretical analysis alone is not enough, must be mutual authentication model test and theoretical analysis to get reliable conclusions. From the point of view of the overall analysis by theoretical analysis and Hydroelastic of model test research on these issues, the calculation method, draw some meaningful conclusions. The hydroelastic model features can meet similar to the hydraulics and structural mechanics similar to more accurately reflect the complexity of the case of the prototype structure and water are coupled to each other. This article from the correction of the similar principle, test selection and model simulation results of the simulation range of water elastic model are discussed in detail, theoretically proved the model and prototype similarity and back analysis method similar factors amendment to make the water elastic model test to become a powerful tool to solve the problem of static and dynamic hydraulic structures. Due to the complexity of the interactions of the foundation of dam since the the the dam heel stress the problem is not a perfect solution. Due to the inherent characteristics of the theory of elasticity, so that the stress of the dam heel position is infinite, reflected in the finite element method is that, as the encryption of the grid and the dam heel stress increasing. This paper presents the dam heel stress the trend determination method instead of the actual stress stress under different mesh density curve of the lower envelope curve to determine the dam heel stress, in order to verify the correctness of this method, the water loads Xiaowan High Arch Dam test model and finite element model of the same load case, the test results and determine the results of the method from the dam heel stress trend is very close to this approach is feasible. In addition, through the dam heel stress trends to determine the method of Xiaowan arch dam heel stress withstand under various loading conditions, provide a strong basis of data for the analysis of arch dams cracking. The arch dam momentum analysis to take into account the complexity of the dam - foundation - reservoir water interaction, previous studies we have a large number of simplified dam cancel the subsidiary structure of the sluice holes and pier. But doing so much impact on the natural vibration characteristics and dynamic response has not been demonstrated. Through the establishment of the Xiaowan high arch Hydroelastic, model, measuring the dynamic response of the dam to withstand and current forces, and all current forces through the back analysis method. In addition, under the premise of considering the dam - foundation - reservoir water coupling, the establishment of the finite element model to reflect the actual dam form, the vibration characteristics of the dam and lt; WP = gt; flow loads the dynamic response analysis and came to the conclusion, and holes and subsidiary structure of dam from vibration and response. Finally, the spillway arch dam vibration induced vibration source. With the improvement of arch dam dam discharge volume, the dynamic response of arch dam downstream water plunge pool and security issues of particular concern in the case of the current forces and plate instability mechanism is not very mature do Plunge Pool dynamic response analysis and safety monitoring is of great significance. In this paper, a hydropower station water plunge pool, for example carried out a detailed study on the dynamic response of the floor plate and safety monitoring. Calculation model takes into account the following three factors: the bottom plate to withstand lifting force reinforced the connection role (in the structure of the bond - slip effect); between the base plate, the water of the role of the contact between the base plate and foundation; fluid-structure interaction effect. The calculation results show that the seal between the base plate damage curve is significantly different before and after the vibration plate, creatively put forward the vibration response characteristic value changes as the new method of the backplane security monitoring indicators.

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