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Research on Photonic Crystal Fiber Supercontinuum & Laser and Nd:Gdvo4 Laser

Author RuanShuangZuo
Tutor YaoJianZuo
School Tianjin University
Course Physical Electronics
Keywords Photonic crystal fiber Supercontinuum Fiber lasers Laser diode-pumped solid-state lasers Nd: GdVO4
Type PhD thesis
Year 2004
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The photonic crystal fiber (PCF) having a controllable wavelength of the zero-dispersion point and a high non-linear coefficient, and is widely used in nonlinear optics. Large mode area and no cut-off single-mode design to overcome the shortcomings of conventional fiber, can significantly improve some of the performance of the fiber laser. Therefore, the study the the PCF supercontinuum generation and the PCF lasers, has important academic value and practical value. As a relatively new laser crystal Nd: GdVO4 crystal, in addition to having the advantages of the Nd: YVO4 crystal, its thermal conductivity is also slightly higher than of Nd: YAG crystal, is considered to be in a high power field of solid state lasers. promising laser crystal. The main content and innovation of this paper is summarized as follows: the photonic crystal concepts, principles, characteristics, classification, preparation methods, computational methods, applications and prospects of the system overview; brief introduction to the characteristics, the type of photonic crystal fiber production methods, current research, and their potential applications. Obtained using an optical parametric amplifier pumped 2.5 m polarization maintaining PCF over the two octave band (300 nm-1350 nm) supercontinuum, 1.5 (m -1.8 (m range were also observed to weak spectral peaks, OH ion absorption resulted in 1.4 (spectrum m about depression; Clamping sapphire femtosecond laser-pumped 2 m nonlinear PCF obtained supercontinuum spectral width of 390 nm-1370 nm at 800 mW input power supercontinuum output power of 60 mW; using titanium gem amplifier pumped polarization maintaining PCF supercontinuum spectral width of 380 nm-1750 nm, a bandwidth of more than two octave. use of 22W power LD array pumped 22W multimode high-power LD pumped 5 m 30 m the doped Yb3 D-type double-clad fiber, 8.6 W 1.09 (m laser output; doped Yb3 high concentration of D-type double-clad multimode fiber to obtain a power of 7.2 W, 1.07 (m laser output; 65 mW 1.03 (m Yb-doped double-clad large mode area PCF laser; multimode high-power 980 nm semiconductor laser pumped 20 m long doped the Yb3 double clad PCF, to achieve the maximum output power of 15 W at 1.09 μm laser light output from the gain medium saturation intensity Differential theoretically deduced fundamental frequency optical output power, the threshold pump power and the slope efficiency expression, research and analysis of the best laser crystal length and output mirror transmittance. tested Nd: YVO 4 and Nd: GdVO4 crystals at room temperature, the absorption spectrum and near-infrared fluorescence spectrum; preliminary study for the first time Nd: GdVO4 crystal 1.34 (m laser output performance in single-ended pump power of 70W, to obtain the maximum output power of 16 W continuous wave 1.34 (m laser, it is so far using the crystal obtained by the maximum power of 1.34 ( m laser, the experimental validation of the Nd: GdVO4 end-pumped high power conditions, excellent thermal conductivity and laser performance.

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