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Country Watch and Modern Criticism

Author LiuYing
Tutor HuangZuo
School Zhengzhou University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Zhang Wei Author profile Rural Watch Anti-modernity
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Zhang Wei, a famous contemporary Chinese writer, in his voluminous works, watch country is a major theme of his works, appears in Zhang Wei This is done to give their birthplace (a coastal village) to win the dignity and rights, To this end, he continued to explain to people the old haunt of the "superiority", which no less than any place in the "secret":the beautiful natural environment, pure and harmonious interpersonal relationships, quality of the human form of direct simple, happy life of self-sufficient existence, and so on, the writer of these plots through literature, stories, language, characters, etc. shown; the same time, watch country and anti-modernity is one of existence, Zhang Wei wary of rural modernization, question, deny, deny, He saw more of the modernization of rural ecological environment destruction and the erosion of human of human nature. Although the "watch" and "critical", it is not a bad idea Zhang Wei, a helpless, confused, confusion, doubt tour the place, but did not give up their insistence, and even more intense attitude. In this theme and attitude among the dualism implicit in the thinking of urban and rural, dominated by this idea, the writer preconceptions to the city as a target of the criticism, the village as the spirit of the original townships, all in the commodity economy, rule of the Common era, where the interpretation of the search for moral support, to rebuild the intellectual heart of the humanistic ideals. His choice of this literature, and since the 1990s "cultural conservatism", "anti-modern trend," "Learning Craze" and so inextricably linked to, or is their an important part of an obvious example Zhang Wei, the portrait is watch those things, its core is often given by the traditional culture, on which the negative elements are also not good criticism. His rejection of modern, often limited to rendering an indignant mood, lack of patience on the in-depth study, just want to build a line with their moral ideals of the "literature of the country" to such a closure of "space" to against the commercial era of consumerism "that pays top academics," the reality, since "space" itself closed, destined to the "outside" criticism of one-sided. As for the distinction between town and concepts, do not deny the reality of the reasons for its formation, but the development of civilization in human history major trend, local writers had to be out of this thinking. Surface, this concept since the 1990s "folk" theory is echoed, but "folk" theory requires intellectual understanding, identity, into civil at the same time, do not give up the theory that modern intellectuals established subjectivity, Zhang Wei failed to properly address this issue, and there he was "civil" and real "Chinese farmers" are not really linked.

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