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Research on Key Technologies of Reconfigurable Automatic Programming System in WEDM

Author DiHongJun
Tutor LiuZhengZuo
School Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords WEDM CNC programming Reconfigurable Chinese characters cut Errors such as synchronization linearization The virtual electrode wire model NC simulation
Type PhD thesis
Year 2005
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In this paper, the domestic and international EDM wire cutting technology (Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, WEDM) Research and development trends, with the continuous progress of the technology research, including automatic programming system, including wire cutting technology will intelligently Green , open reconfigurable direction. Based on the analysis on the the WEDM development direction, and the reconstruction of the needs of the low speed to go wire WEDM system research topic, the subject of \The developed on the NH-WAPS1.0 system, and do the cutting test. The main contents of this paper are as follows: 1. Analysis of the existing architecture of the CAD / CAM, the paper proposes a dual-bus architecture based on the platform of the ACIS geometry to analyze the flow of data between the various functional sub-modules. Compared with the traditional single-bus architecture, dual-bus architecture with geometric data and non-geometric data separation, system operation, high efficiency, easy to expand functionality, ease of maintenance, etc.. In addition, the secondary development of CNC programming system and interface reconstruction technique. Development and popularization of 2.WEDM Chinese Fonts cutting increasing demand, but the outline of some of the Chinese character fonts cross restricting kanji cutting technology development in a certain extent. In this paper, the skin contour extraction based on the topological relations between geometric entities in the ACIS platform to successfully solve the Chinese character fonts outline cross automatically bound by the technical problems. 3 in the complex ruled surface processing, the NC code lengthy is an important factor affecting the processing efficiency. Through the analysis of existing and other step synchronization linearization method proposed in this paper can achieve the corresponding curve segment synchronous linear error algorithm, compared with the former, the latter can take full advantage of the curvature of the corresponding curve segments throughout different This feature, which effectively reduce the length of the NC code, improve cutting efficiency and reduce processing costs. 4 precise strike the trajectory of the center of the electrode wire is to ensure that the complex ruled surfaces WEDM prerequisite machining accuracy. Combined with the presence of the ovality bias law insufficient, the paper proposes a \It will not only be able to accurately strike a complex ruled surface processing, wire center path, but also on the type of surface gouges effective error compensation. 5. Axis WEDM machine the drag axis of movement-based, can easily strike the maximum angle of inclination of the wire, the table and on the guide wire mouth stroke endpoint comparison method. Based on the results of the method of obtaining the structural parameters of the machine tool and parts clamping simulation system to detect processing overtravel collisions and other problems exists, verify the workability of the workpiece and reduce the processing of the probability of occurrence of the accident. In addition, the article also been studied problem of the 3B code accumulated error processing, CNC machining process simulation of the effects of the collapse of corner protection strategies.

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