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Those who can not bear the pain of life

Author QiYuPing
Tutor HuYan
School Yunnan University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Drifting Emotion Time Culture Recollection
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Bai Xianyong makes the person impression in the Chinese present age literary arena because of its unique issue document style and the deep classical implication to be profound, since the 80s take Yuan Liangjun, Liu Jun, the European positively charged electron, Yu Lihua has unfolded widespread and the thorough research as representative’s writer scholars to Bai Xianyong and the work, made the substantial progress, recent years’s research have been more from the crosswise comparison angle launches, if remembered past times consciousness Zhang Ailing and in the Bai Xianyong novel to carry on the comparison, thus showed two writer’s characteristics, the Bai Xianyong novel and the Faulkner novel implication’s comparison, pointed out both in the writing technique difference and the common ground. But Bai Xianyong studies also has some insufficiencies, the main performance for some research results in the mentality and the field of vision, appears is somewhat narrow and is identical. In carries on to Bai Xianyong’s novel analyzes, many articles talk about "the realism creation technique", "the modernist school skill", "the sad affective tone", "to remember past times the train of thought", "the exile subject", "struggle of the spirit meat", "the comparison of past and present", these certainly in some, on the one hand, the stratification plane involved the Bai Xianyong novel creation essential feature, but the different author’s article always spun in these same or the close aspect, and could not has the innovation and the breakthrough in the angle and the depth, eventually gave the human by not to satisfy the feeling. The longitudinal study aspect is specially more deficient, character’s psychological connotation’s analysis is specially more scattered in disorder to the novel, generally analyzes when the novel character’s psychological connotation narrates with the novel misery relates, inspects from an overall background, but very little digs the character innermost feelings the emotion activity and the life experience. In view of this, this article deepens from psycho-analysis’s angle to the novel in the character psychology connotation and the survival difficult position discussion, this foothold falls on to the novel in waffie’s survival condition ponder, from survives in the condition inspection to the waffie to unfold the novel character’s pathos destiny.This article mainly used the method which the text read attentively from to drift this unique literature connotation to embark has discussed in Bai Xianyong in the short story waffie’s survival condition. First this article to drifted this literature connotation to carry on the concrete limits, and embarked thought of inside story from the Bai Xianyong, has discussed its thought inside story to its literature connotation production influence, then in the article second part, through unfolded waffle’s emotion world, promulgated them to drift not depends on, lonely lonely survival condition, but this kind drifted not depends on, lonely The fourth part from the nostalgia, the historical culture embarks, concrete study "Taibei person", "New Yorker" drifts the feeling, and elaborated has produced drifts of expression is a beginning emphatically, has colluded the artistic skill which in the Bai Xianyong novel utilized. Through the waffie survives the shape analysis to the Bai Xianyong novel in and the artistic skill inspects us to be possible to see Bai Xianyong is a rare outstanding writer truly.

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