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Social capital and its associated regime Comparative Study

Author ZhangRuoQin
Tutor WangZuo
School The Central Party School
Course Political Economics
Keywords Social capital System Investor Protection
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2005
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Social capital is accompanied by the socialization of production and display out of a historical trend, are scattered small-scale capital-intensive process become big capital. Marx's \Thereafter, the world's economic practice social capital development confirms the historical inevitability. Both in the developed capitalist countries or in the reform and opening up of the socialist countries, joint-stock economy have become the protagonist of the economic arena, the majority of shares held by the public and the phenomenon of ordinary workers are becoming more common, one holding both Company also participated in physical or mental special class - \Social capital and promoting social wealth in the ownership and management separated from each other, promoting the evolution of social structure and corporate governance structure optimization, for \Meanwhile, the social capital of the old regime inevitably have some drawbacks, mainly as it will regenerate a series of fraud against the public investor behavior. Securities market is the main place of social capital, the stock market scandals emerging, should Marx's words, \results. \On recent years, foreign Enron, WorldCom and other events, the domestic Yinguangxia event, in Section entrepreneurship case Lam shares events, etc., are a serious blow to the confidence of the majority of investors. Therefore, the paper argues that social capital irresistible historical trend, shares held through various forms of workers, thus becoming \However, in the process of social capital, we must improve various related systems, speculation against fraud and protect the majority of \In addition to this introduction and conclusion, the divided into eight chapters. Introduction to stock based in part on the world and China's economic development, and putting forward significance of the topic of this paper discusses the theoretical background of this paper, the main research methods and innovations. The first chapter is to review the theory of social capital. This chapter first describes the economics concept of capital used in the complexity and illustrates the concept of capital used in this article means. Secondly, recalling Marx about social capital and social capital theory the main content, indicating that Marx's theory of concentration of capital, share capital theory and virtual capital theory and the theory of the unity of the capitalist society. Finally, recalling Engels, Lenin and Hilferding, who capitalized on the Marxist theory of social development. The second chapter discusses the social capital associated with the development of the capitalist socio-economic situation the country is undergoing changes. Positive aspects include, class structure has undergone changes, class relations become relatively relaxed, big capitalist class and the traditional sense of the status of the industrial working class are on the decline, has accounted for most of the middle class, class antagonism between a The reconciliation; institutional investors get a huge development, its operation of the business decisions are increasingly affected; internal governance structure is more scientific and reasonable. On the negative side is mainly securities fraud will result in a non-equitable transfer of wealth. The third chapter discusses social capital and enterprise system changes. This chapter is essentially a supplement to the second chapter. The impact of social capital is the most important aspect of the enterprise system has undergone a fundamental change, enterprises in the production of essentially form the basis of another important contractual nature; corporate form of organization by an individual proprietorship

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