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Studies and Experiments of a Surface Plasmon Resonance-based Hydrogen Sensor Using a Tapered Fiber

Author HuJianDong
Tutor HeSaiLing
School Zhejiang University
Course Optical Engineering
Keywords Tapered fiber Surface Plasmon Resonance Hydrogen sensor Pd90Ag10 alloy film Optical fiber coating
Type PhD thesis
Year 2005
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Tapered optical fiber surface such as ion resonance (SPR) hydrogen sensor is a multidisciplinary height cross of the research field, it is involved in hydrogen-sensitive membrane of the study, the optical surface such as ion resonance technology, tapered optical fiber sensing technology and transmission mode analysis, hydrogen sensitive film of the growth process, the hydrogen sensor detection and data analysis and processing. Pd-Ag alloy film tapered fiber optic SPR hydrogen sensor is a novel optical hydrogen sensor. This thesis is focused on the optical SPR hydrogen sensor, to carry out the following technical research: the the Pd 90 Ag 10 the alloy hydrogen sensitive principle, the SPR sensor technology and numerical calculation, uniform waist the cone tapered fiber production the hydrogen sensitive Pd of 90 the Ag 10 film growth and tapered optical fiber hydrogen sensor experiments and results analysis. Research and proposed a prism-based palladium (Pd) the membrane hydrogen sensitive SPR sensor structure, numerical calculations show that when the thickness of the Pd film of 10nm ~ 30nm, the hydrogen concentration within the range of from 1% to 10% with high sensitivity; studied a novel gold (Au) / palladium (Pd) composite film SPR hydrogen sensitive structure, the use of genetic algorithms optimized for the Au / Pd composite membrane hydrogen sensitive sensor sensitivity, with typically using Pd (20nm) film hydrogen sensitive sensors, the sensitivity increased nearly 3 times; development potential based on ion exchange waveguide integrated SPR hydrogen sensor, calculated using the finite difference method (FDM) guided modes in such a waveguide structure and surface plasma mode, the mode field distribution, analysis of the relationship between the propagation characteristics with the Pd film optical constants, combined with the beam propagation method (BPM) is the thickness of the Pd film were optimized; can be used to study a real-time detection and online analysis of low-cost dual-beam SPR detection method and SPR phase detection technology; singlemode tapered fiber optic SPR hydrogen sensor sensing principle, structure and production, to develop a single fiber tapering process and tapered fiber cleaning process for coating sensitive segment LP 01 fundamental mode accounted for more than 95%, do not consider the higher-order modes with a simple plane wave theory approximate analysis of a single-mode fiber tapering evenly The hydrogen sensitive area of ??the lumbar cone section transmission characteristics. The paper also studied in the Fibre arc the the surface deposition uniformity Pd 90 in the Ag 10 the the alloy hydrogen sensitive film technology, designed a rotating optical fiber coating fixture; experimental study tapered optical fiber hydrogen sensitive the sensor Pd 90 Ag 10 alloy film growth parameters and process; design set by the laser, the reaction gas chamber, mixed gas piping, light power meter, proton flow meters and flow controllers experimental apparatus and the experimental data analysis and processing.

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