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The Comprehensive Evaluation of Flue-cured Tobacco Origin Place Environment and Tobacco Leaf of Fangxian

Author LiuZuo
Tutor YuJianJun
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Tobacco science
Keywords Fangxian atmosphere irrigation water soil tobacco leaf evaluation heavy metal
CLC S572
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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we measured and analyzed the samples of air, irrigation water, soil and tobacco leaf of Fangxian, and evaluated the quality and safety of air, irrigation water, soil and tobacco leaf, researched the relationship between soil heavy metal content and soil fertility, the main results are as follows:The air and irrigation water environment was good, which could meet the requirements of the pollution-free production, but we should pay attention to the prevention and control of atmospheric suspended particulate pollution.The pH of soil samples from Fangxian was basically suitable; the soil organic matter content is moderate, some areas has a low level; most soil CEC of Fangxian was suitable, has a strong capacity for fertilizer; the nitrogen content of Fangxian soil was high, we should be focus at the Nitrogen in the future; the balance of soil phosphorus content was poor, we should pay attention to local conditions, stable fertilize phosphate; there were still some area short for K, and the content of soil chlorine was generally high, we can improve the quality of tobacco leaves through increasing soil potassium and chlorine content. The integrated Soil Fertility of Fangxian was relatively high, the fertilizer distribution was relatively balanced, there were 78.51% of soil fertility was in high and relatively high level.The look quality of Fangxian tobacco leaves was generally good, it could basically meet the requirements tobacco appearance quality, the quality of middle leaf was the best; the physical properties of tobacco leaves was overall appropriate, every physical indicators was basic in the appropriate range; the chemical composition and it’s coordination of Fangxian tobacco leaves was relatively appropriate, we should pay attention to the coordination of chemical composition and increase potassium content in the future; the total content of neutral aroma of Fangxian tobacco leaves was slightly lower than Zimbabwe, but overall, the tobacco aroma was abundant, and coordination was better, focus on improving the content of the Maillard reaction aroma and carotenoids material; the sensory quality of tobacco leaves was relatively better, the quality of aroma was good, the content of aroma was adequate, the scores of Fangxian tobacco was close to Zimbabwe, but the sores of the excitement and aftertaste were slightly lower than Zimbabwe, we could improve the sensory quality of tobacco through improving the coordination of chemical components.The soil environmental quality was overall good, in addition to Cd element, the pollution index of the other six elements had reached the standard of gradeⅠsoil, belonging to a clean state, and no pesticide residues, therefore, most of the soil was relatively safer, not contamination, but the cadmium pollution was relatively serious. The safety of heavy metal of tobacco leaves was overall better, although heavy metals had a higher detection rate, but in addition to the Cd elements, the other four elements did not exceed the standard, we should pay attention to the phenomenon of Cd element polution.Within a certain range, the content of heavy metals and pH, organic matter, CEC value, nitrogen, potassium and soil available P and other indexes had a certain relationship. The content of heavy metals decreased as the pH value reduced, the upward trend of below 6.0 was obvious; the content of heavy metals were increasing as other fertility factors were increasing, the heavy metals content was significantly increased especially with the increase of available phosphorus content.

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