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Research on the Philosophy Issues of New Century’s Literature

Author DongLiang
Tutor HanWei
School Northwest Normal University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Literature philosophy ultimate concern “truth”consciousness transcendence literature rationality
CLC I206.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The new century literature faces with many kinds of forms of society and the multi-dimensional values paragenesis interaction survival reality,they caused the literature value orientation to be in the unprecedented multiple complex contradictory whirlpool..An important question is that the new century literature was lack the effective supportof the philosophic thinking and the philosophical implication generally.This article was divided into three parts: First, the first chapter does to the literature philosophy’s concept and the connotation discriminates,the following is showing the new century linguistic environment characteristic and expounding the content necessity and the significance; Next, in the second chapter,it proposed that the new century literature philosophy question’s concrete manifestation, including“the responsibility insufficiency of undertaking the `ultimate concern the literature ’”,“the deviation of literature excavating human nature degree”,“the implication flaw of the literature `truth ’”,“the desalination of the literature transcendence”, as well as“the neglect of the literature to the wise thought’s”and so on five aspects, making every effort to the new century literature philosophy question to achieve the accurate explanation and the summary, and further analyzing the surface layer and in-depth reason of forming this kind of aspect ; Finally, in the third chapter, it completed the literature the philosophy criterion explanation from two aspects; the first is to create to the philosophy consciousness construction; the second is the literary criticism must clear about the philosophy criterion of the literature judgment.This article tries hard to unfold and to restore the literature the realistic moral character and the surmounting moral character through the new century literature philosophy question’s research, the article has a limited view in line with, does from one point to entire area by a surface belt way to ten year Chinese literary arena, inquies into from the chaotic numerous and diverse representation to the internal cause, has the literature philosophy standard of value to carry on the criticalness to the new century literature contemplation, the article footholds immediately, and follows the rule which the literature itself develops, unifies the ten years of new century society culture linguistic environment closely, as well as the specific significance of the literature which produces under the new social culture linguistic environment. It inspects the Chinese literature and engages in introspection the literature system’s thought and the spiritual flaw immediately, why the literature thought system and the expression system has not displayed the contemporary philosophy the bright moral character? How to appear lacking the literature which the value will accumulate? Then intrinsics reason which perishes to the literature philosophy consciousness carries on the developing excavation, fusion question consciousness and system construction consciousness, obtains by the time to the literature philosophy research related question return and surmounting. Many questions which presents by the new century literature development take the pivot and the reference, carries on the idea and the theory critique to unreasonable place. At the same time, inspects resonsideration and critique’s rationality from many dimension, explains the erroneous zone which pursues literature and the philosophy harmonious cause absolutely and biased.

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